Sunday, 17 April 2016

Mega Bloks HALO Heroes SERIES #2 Spotted in Canada + REVIEWS!

Halo Heroes series 2 seems to be coming sooner then you might think. Today, I was shopping at Walmart Canada (BC) and I decided to check out the Halo Mega Bloks. Not expecting much, I was surprised by the fact that Series 2 was sitting on the shelves. The complete wave was there, and I decided to grab three figures. Romeo ODST, Spartan Gungnir, and Spartan Scout.

I've also filmed reviews for each which you can check out below. So good luck and happy hunting.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Mega Bloks Halo 2016 Covenant Wraith 360 View

Not sure about getting the new Covenant Wraith? Need a better look? Thanks to Spicy Bricks, we now have a 360 view of the set, as well as a look at the gimmicks and moving parts. Video excludes all extra's from the set, and focuses more on the Halo 5 style Wraith. Check it out below or click here to go to the video page. Personally, I wasn't sure about getting the set, but it's looking more complete then I thought. 

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Mega Bloks KUBROS Site Up!

What are you? A nerd? Well this is the perfect thing for you, also, no judging. Mega Bloks recently launched the site for Kubros, a line-up of character's for different fans out their, including Terminator, He-Man, and more. And what better way for Mega to introduce such an epic line then to include Halo's finest, Master Chief.

Check out the website here for details, and check out the pictures below.

Description on Set #DPH88 Master Chief: "It’s an 8-bit invasion when you build and collect your favorite pop culture icons with Kubros! Now you can build your own Master Chief figure block by block, complete with iconic details drawn from the original Halo character. Featuring the signature green armor and visored helmet, this collectible figure brings it back to the old school with a blocky shape and retro-fied design inspired by the era of classic gaming. With its signature coin detail on the foot, and arms and head that move, you can pose your Master Chief different ways for a showcase-worthy display. Collect all your favorite characters from movies, video games and more, and build your fandom with Kubros!"

Mega Bloks HALO: 2016 Brand New Spade & Wraith REVEALED! Plus Packages and Gimmicks

It seems the Summer 2016 sets are coming so fast. Just when you thought we could catch our breath, Toywiz reveals new images of some of the sets packages front to back, as well, get our first look at a couple new ones never-before-seen to the public eye. Check out the images below for more.

News tip credit: Kevin Hurd

- UNSC Jackrabbit Blitz | Listed price: $14.99

Set includes a newly-molded figure, UNSC Spartan Douglas-042, the UNSC Jackrabbit, two pistols, and a new figure stand. Set based on the upcoming Halo: Wars 2 game. Click here for Toywiz link.

 - UNSC Spade Rush | Listed price: $25.99

Set includes two figures, a UNSC Spartan EVA, and UNSC Spartan Operator, a camo-colored UNSC Spade, Spartan Laser, Assault Rifle, Missile Pod, (No confirmation if the set will include handles for disconnection.) and two new figure stands. Click here for Toywiz link.

- Brute Chopper Raid | Listed price: $29.99

Set includes two figures, the final Noble Six figure to be released, UNSC Spartan Kat, Covenant Brute Captain, a newly-built Covenant Brute Chopper, UNSC Bubbleshield, Pistol, Brute Mauler, and two figure stands. Click here for Toywiz link.

- Duel Mode UNSC Warthog | Listed price: $44.99

Set includes two Spartans, the new UNSC Spartan War Hammer, and a UNSC Spartan Hermes, UNSC Warthog, UNSC Hydra Launcher, Pistol, and two figure stands. Set also include alternative add-ons, and the option of a Gauss-Turret, or Rocket-Launcher. Click here for Toywiz link.

- Covenant Wraith Ambush | Listed price: $71.99

Set includes three figures total, UNSC Spartan Helljumper, Covenant Elite Commander, and Covenant Elite Storm, Covenant Wraith with launching missile, Weapon Pod, Energy Sword, Storm Rifle, Saw, Target Locator, Missile Pod, Railgun, backdrop, and figure stands. Click here for Toywiz link.

Do you have a favorite? What are you looking forward to? Comment and let everyone know. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Are you a Mega Bloks fan? In the UK area? Do you enjoy the company of other Mega Bloks fans? If you said 'yes' to all three of those questions, Bloksfest is the place to be! Hosted by the members of TheSSmotion, Bloksfest is an event for collector's to hang out, purchase products, and what not. For info, ticket sales, and more, click here for the site.

"BloksFest is a yearly gaming and brick convention hosted in the UK. Entering its third year the event has seen massive success, transforming itself from a first year attendance of 98 to a third year attendance of a huge 500 people. With the next year coming around fast, the event is looking to be the best, and final yet. 

 As the game of life gets played times are moving on. With huge commitments in everyones lives coming this September, we are proudly, and gracefully running the final event. BloksFest2016. 

The convention is run and organised by a dedicated group of friends and colleagues who share a passion for gaming and a love for the community.   

Starting out as a convention to celebrate the video game Halo, a multibillion dollar franchise through the spin-off product Halo Mega Bloks, the event has seen drastic transformation, now catering to franchises Call of Duty and Assassins Creed and providing a cult gaming expo, showcasing gaming products of all shapes and sizes and running huge video game tournaments with fantastic prizes.  

The event is a true tribute to what a community can acheive, being organised and ran by friends across the UK.  

Come join us as we celebrate the fourth and final." - Websites `About` page.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Mega Bloks HALO Summer 2016 Sets In Packaging

If you thought Series Foxtrot would be the only thing we'd see this week, you're sadly mistaken. The new Summer 2016 set boxes and bubble-on-card packages has been revealed to the internet, some based on the upcoming Halo Wars 2 game.

Sets include as followed:
- ODST Armor Customizer Pack
- Elite Weapons Customizer Pack
- Halo Heroes Series 2 set of 6 toys
- UNSC Yankee Squad
- Covenant Brute Lance

Check out the images below, and tell us which sets are you excited for. Credit for pictures goes to Aaron Mak of the facebook group Mega Bloks WORLDWIDE.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Mega Bloks Halo Series FOXTROT Revealed

Already bored of series Delta? Want to see something new? How about a good look at the packaging for the upcoming Series Foxtrot, revealing all of the standard (No colored transparent) micro figures for the line-up. Some figures will be getting their first appearance in a mystery pack, as well, some will debut in 2016 all together. Although I might be incorrect on a few, the figures seem to include:
- Covenant Zealot Elite in orange
- UNSC Spartan II (Wars) in red
- Covenant Storm Grunt in white
- Covenant Drone in yellow
- UNSC Copperhead Spartan in Green (Finally not red)
- UNSC JFO Spartan in orange
- UNSC Aviator Spartan in blue
- UNSC Spartan II (Wars) in Active Camo - Ultra Rare

So what figures do you plan on getting? Comment and let us know. Thanks for reading. News credit to Max Carlton from Mega Bloks Worldwide.