Saturday, 21 December 2013

Series 8 Translucent Promethean Watcher Revealed

A new Series 8 figure has been revealed, though he might try to go invisible. An Orange promethean Watcher has been found (Credit for find to TheSSMotion on Youtube) on the internet. This figure will include a stand and will be able to fit into some Promethean Knights. What do you think, comment below, let us know.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Series 8 Tranclucent Recruit Spartan Found!

Yep, another Series 8 Mystery figure has been revealed, take a look at the Translucent Green UNSC Recruit Spartan in all it's glory. This means unlike Series 5 and 6, the Translucent Rare Figures will be much like Series 7, to where the figures are not the same mold. Last Translucent Figure revealed for the line was a Translucent Brown Covenant Zealot Elite. Not only do we see this with a Crimson Covenant Storm Elite, but the code for both is revealed. Credit goes to Josh S.

Code for the Active Camo with Elite is A21103MM.

FUN FACT, this is the first Translucent/Active Camo Scattershot seen.

Mega Bloks Halo #97262 UNSC Infinity Armor Bay Revealed and more

With a news credit to BAToys4BABoys and TheSSMotion, we can see a brand new set for the release of the upcoming year (Maybe earlier) and yes we are talking about the UNSC Infinity Armor Bay.

As previously seen, we now get the name of a set seen from the back of some of the back of other 2013 sets advertised. The Mega Bloks Halo #97213 Rapid Attack Covenant Ghost. Which includes a UNSC Spartan Recruit with Spartan Laser, a Covenant Zealot Elite with an Energy Sward, and the Covenant Ghost itself.

Now for the really interesting stuff. The Infinity Armor Bay includes a Technician, a UNSC Spartan Recon most likely Halo 4 Edition with an EXCLUSIVE SKIN, multiple weapons, and the Armor Bay itself. Just like the UNSC Cryo Bay, it seems very simply built using nothing much of what we haven't seen before. Personally I wish it was a little more complex, although the mechanical arms look cool, but hopefully it's at a good price which might be around $20. In saying that what do you think? Is it a good buy? Let us know. And could this mean the actual Infinity is just around the corner? What do you think?

Product Summary thanks to BAToys4BABoys
Rapid Attack Covenant Ghost
The Type-32 RAV “Ghost” is the Covenant’s primary recon and rapid strike vehicle. Armed with twin plasma cannons, it travels at very high speeds over any terrain via its boosted-gravity propulsion drive.

UNSC Infinity Armor Bay
Intel is needed on a new Covenant target. The UNSC Spartan enters the UNSC Infinity Armor Bay and is fitted with MJOLNIR Recon armor by the UNSC Technician on staff. Suited in new armor skin, the Spartan steps off the platform ready for combat!

You can purchase them separately or buy them in a bundle from BAToys4BABoys. Click here to learn more.

Sunday, 15 December 2013


Already? Codes? Not possible. Well thanks to some images found on the internet, well on Youtube by BrickReviewer11. (I'm not sure who took the photos, let me know if you find out who) We were able to see some of the codes. If you wish not to view the codes then do not continue to read. However I might have a page coming up with codes for all the waves and to be constantly updated. Codes may be off but they're the best I can see from.

Orange UNSC Hazop Spartan A07103MM
Green UNSC Operator Spartan A08103MM
Blue Forerunner Crawler - A09103MM
Crimson Covenant Storm Elite - A10103MM
Purple UNSC Spartan (Halo 4 Edition) - A16103MM
RARE Blue Forerunner Watcher - A14103MM
RARE Gold UNSC Air-Assault Spartan - A15103MM
ULTRA RARE Covert Ops UNSC Soldier Spartan A11103MM

TOP 5! Mega Bloks Halo sets for the Holidays 2013

So the Holidays are almost here, and I think it's time to do a Top 5 Holiday list for anyone looking for something on a special occasion. Check out the list and see if you agree with our choices.

In case you are wondering, we are NOT! including the UNSC Mammoth as it may be too expensive for some, however, it would be high on our list. Please know this isn't really a list for collector's but the kids who are really into the line.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Halo Mega Bloks #96978 SERIES 8 Revealed

Anyone remember just recently when Mega dropped a hint of the Series 8 Mystery Packs? Well thanks to Josh S. on a Facebook Group, 'MBC - Mega Bloks Collectors' we finally get to see the full list (Except maybe a few translucent or any other form of extras) of the Series 8 Mystery Packs in this one photo. Just as said between the lines of the hint dropped, Forerunner figures including the Crawler, is listed for the line up. This line does go back to 8 figures among the main line of it rather then the previous 16, but I feel it just makes things a little easier. Here is the list from what we can tell.

- ULTRA RARE Covert Ops UNSC Spartan Soldier
- Purple UNSC Spartan (Halo 4 Edition)
- Green UNSC Spartan Operator
- Orange UNSC Hazop Spartan
- RARE Yellow/Gold UNSC Air-Assault Spartan

- Crimson Covenant Storm Elite
- RARE Active Camo Brown Covenant Zealot Elite

- RARE Blue Forerunner Watcher
- Blue Forerunner Crawler

Expecting to buy a few? Me personally, I'm not a huge fan of this wave, but it's decent enough.

Update: Philipve98 posted a video with a better description and look at the figures. And Avengersrule2002 posted photos which you can find on eBay.

Update 2: CODES
I just happened to notice a few codes seen in the photos.
- RARE Blue Forerunner Watcher A09103MM
- RARE Yellow/Gold UNSC Air-Assault Spartan A08103MM

Fun Fact: This is the first Series to be introduced with NO Marines in the line. Series 1-7 all have UNSC Marines included.

Friday, 13 December 2013

MEGA BLOKS drops MAJOR hints for Series 8 Mystery Figure

So in case you didn't know, BAToys4BABoys had updated their site with Series 8 Mystery Packs on Pre-Order. But I was looking around the Mega Bloks Halo page and found a picture of a Forerunner collection. In the description of Logan's picture he says, "Is there somewhere where I can just get a barrel of Promethean Crawlers? lol"

Mega replied with "I feel like you might like Series 8 blind bags." I don't know about you guys, but does that sound like in Series 8 we're going to get Forerunners and most likely Crawlers?

Sounds like a perfect opportunity to bring your Forerunner collection to greater numbers. What do you think about this? Is it a smart move? Are you hoping the Crawlers will be commons?


Friday, 6 December 2013

100th post

After so long we've finally reached 100 posts, thanks or reading.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

TheSSMotions Xmas Halofest Voting Begins!

Have you noticed a lack of Halofest this year? Thanks to TheSSMotion and Mega Bloks/Mega Brands, a new Halofest has begun and the voting is already in progress at the time this was first posted. The contest reveals 24 entries all by other people uploaded and/or re-uploaded for anyone wishing to win. The top 10 will receive the Grey Spartan with a Green Visor most notably known as the SDCC 2013 Spartan, 3rd will receive a 2013 UNSC Anti-Armored Cobra, 2nd will receive a 2013 UNSC Pelican Gunship, and 1st will receive a 2013 UNSC Mammoth. Check out the playlist as well as a link to the videos, remember Likes count as votes but Dislikes will not affect the videos vote count.

In case you are wondering, I have entered the contest and if you'd like to vote for it click this link below
ENTRY: The 10 rules of a Halo Christmas. Brian Johnson.

All the other entries which shouldn't be hated and is worth checking out. UPDATE, a few have been added.
ENTRY: Goodbye Father Christmas. Fraser Lupton-Pike.
ENTRY: Merry Christmas From The Covenant. Sir Marsh.
ENTRY: Chronicles of Halo: The Christmas Adventure. Samuel Furby.
ENTRY: Who stole Christmas. Blok Movies.
ENTRY: What is Christmas About? Philip Zhu.
ENTRY: Codename Christmas Present. Thomas Fisherden.
ENTRY: The Master Chief's First Christmas. Simon Evans-Jones.
ENTRY: Spartan Claus vs Arbigrinch. Sebastian Borunda.
ENTRY: Risk Team. Snowmenofwhipcream.
ENTRY: Spartan Christmas. Copestake Roberts.
ENTRY: Xmas Animation. Matthew Halls.
ENTRY: Kidnapping, Celebrations And Love. Lucas Salmons
ENTRY: A Halo Toy Story. Joseph Haddock.
ENTRY: Stop-Frame Animation. Craig Clarkstone.
ENTRY: Operation Christmas. Kunick Lee.
ENTRY: Halo Xmas Stop Motion. Samurai5653.
ENTRY: Especial de navidad. Luis Rojas.
ENTRY: Halo Christmas Toymation. Thomas Raleigh.
ENTRY: Halo Christmas Tree. Christopher Vellner.
ENTRY: Christmas Is Coming. Matty Vickers.
ENTRY: F2F Special Meh-ry Christmas! Andrew Gagnon.
ENTRY: A Christmas Story. Angel Soni.
ENTRY: A Christmas Stop Motion. Justin Levey.
Entry: The ODST's Christmas Handbook. Nathan S Graham-Lowery.
ENTRY: Christmas On Requiem. Matthew Raleigh.