Thursday, 10 September 2015

This Isn't Series Echo, it's Series Delta

For some time now, we thought that one of the latest reveals was series Delta featuring a Purple Scout, Active Camo Arbiter, and more. However, Mega Bloks Collector's on facebook announced the prototype wave of series Delta, which was actually the figures we suspected was Echo, due to which series was revealed first.

I will be posting updates on each individual post regarding the mix up, but fans of this wave of figures will see them released closer then thought. In the photo below, you'll see the actual wave along with a couple translucent figures these series seem to throw in, but the image only shows two, which could mean a third is missing from the photo, or that they're will be only two translucents in this wave. Enjoy you're look at the wave of figures.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Mega Bloks HALO Series... ECHO!?!? (Actually Delta)

 UPDATE: These are older posts that assumed the waves were series Delta and Echo, but it was just announced that Series Echo is actually series Delta. For now, we will call what we thought was series Delta, Not Echo.

But wait, didn't we just hear that series Delta was revealed? And now, series Echo? Well technically we can't call it series Echo, in fact, as of the time right now, for all we know this could be series Delta. In fact, nothing says this is series Echo, but for the time right now, we'll call it that.

This randomly revealed series was revealed by Toys'R'Us Canada, the same site that accidentally gave us a first look at the Covenant Watch Tower, and once again, this was a mistake. This series, what ever you call it, it's all speculation, gives us a Pink repaint of the UNSC EVA Female figure, a yellow possible UNSC Soldier with a red mark, an Orange UNSC Spartan Reach version, possible Pilot, a UNSC Marine in brown, a new Flood introduced in the Cyclops set, a Forerunner Crawler, a Purple Covenant Grunt Imperial, and a (seemingly) Black Covenant Storm Elite.

I think it's a pretty interested series, not my favorite, but it's good to get more Flood in your collection. The Covenant Elite looks epic, and the Marine is probably my favorite from any series. Those are my little thoughts, don't forget to share yours and tell me what you think of them. Thanks for reading.

Credit: philipve98