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Mega Bloks Halo 2016 (Not) DELTA Mystery Pack Early Analysis

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EDIT: There were a few mistakes I've made that I've now corrected.

UPDATE: These are older posts that assumed the waves were series Delta and Echo, but it was just announced that Series Echo is actually series Delta. For now, we will call what we thought was series Delta, Not Echo.

2016 leaks seem to be popping up in different areas on the Internet, one major reveal was the arrival of the Delta series which is the first mystery series to release next year. So I've decided to make a little analysis on each figure and give my thoughts on the series as a whole. Lets get started with the UNSC.

I should remind everyone that some things said is all opinion based, I hope you can keep that in mind in case I say something you don't like. Also, I do not have the biggest knowledge when it comes to Halo so bare with me.

-UNSC  Marine (Grey)-

To begin this analysis, I'll start off with the furthest figure away, and that's the UNSC Marine. This figure has a resemblance to the Series 7 and UNSC Armory Pack. The figure comes with a chin cover helmet and a Saw.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the very first color for this Marine using the highly articulated and armor design. This will be a very nice and cheap way to get this figure if you're interested at all.

-UNSC  Mark V[B] Spartan (Orange)-

Next figure is the UNSC Mark V[B] Spartan based on Halo Reach. While the new Highly Articulated Micro-Figures consist of mostly Halo 4-5 figures, there's plenty of Reach style figures, and this one adds to the collection. This is the first time the figure has been in an Orange color, hopefully it'll match the color to the 2014 Target Exclusive figures.

The figure comes with a SOCOM pistol in (likely) black, also includes silver armor pieces, and a gold visor. Hopefully it'll look good in the color.

-UNSC Oceanic Spartan (Green)-

Next is the UNSC Oceanic Spartan in green. I feel this figure is a little underused and would like to see it released more often, maybe in blue... sorry, I got distracted, but I'm still glad to see this released for another time.

The figure comes with a gold visor, and a silver Saw weapon. It seems that it`s very common for a series to contain at least one green UNSC figure, a common color for the UNSC itself. I'm interested in possibly getting a number of these, hopefully at least one, and maybe I'll get (CNG63) UNSC Fireteam Taurus.

 -Arctic Defender Spartan (Arctic)-

The Arctic Defender Spartan,which, I should mention, before I edited this post I accidentally thought this was a JFO at first... oops.

The figure comes with a blue visor and a Carbine. I'm not always a fan of the Arctic color for the new build with the speckled detail, but it's still an awesome figure.

-UNSC Purple Scout Spartan (Purple)-

The UNSC Purple Scout Spartan is probably my favorite figure from this line-up we've seen so far. This Scout comes in Purple, a common Covenant color, and it makes it look dark and edgy.

This figure comes with a SOCOM Pistol and a gold visor. Overall this figure, simply put, looks amazing. I'm hoping to get this figure at some point.

-Covenant Storm Jackal (Gold)-

Finally a color other than Blue for the armor. The Covenant Storm Jackal now comes in a more goldish color, which I'm pretty impressed by. There isn't anything much else other than the color, but that hasn't stopped me from buying repaints.

This figure also has tan, red, and more, with the addition of a Carbine. Overall I think this is a pretty good looking figure.

-Covenant Elite Ranger (Crimson)-

I never get tired of Elite Rangers, and this one is no exception. This Elite finally just got released in 2015, and is personally a figure I'm into getting. This is the first time this figure has release in the Crimson color and doesn't look bad with it.

This figure comes with blue, white, and black, and comes with a Focus Rifle. I'm pretty sure it goes without saying, but I'm interested in getting this figure at some point.

-Arbiter (Active Camo)-

And finally, we have the third version of this figure released, but the first time this has been released for the color (or lack of) the Active Camo Arbiter based on the Halo 5 version released in an SDCC Figure Pack and the (CNG66) UNSC Attack Gausshog.

This figure has no added color (doesn't need it for an Active Camo figure) but comes with an Energy Sword. I'm pretty sure this will be one fans will be going after so keep an eye out.

If I have to take a guess I'd say the Rare figures will be the Purple Scout and the Gold Storm Jackal, either those or the Arctic Defender and/or the Orange Mark V[B figures. The reason to speculate is that the Purple Scout and the Gold Storm Jackal share weapons with two other figures in the series. A tactic to make it harder to recognize which is which in the packs, something Series Delta and Charlie will likely share. Yes, the Marine and the Oceanic Spartan share weapons as well, but I don't see them as rares. I could be wrong however, I don't think anyone expected the Arctic Pilot to be a rare for series Charlie.

Overall, it's a pretty solid line up of figures as a whole. I don't see a single figure I wouldn't mind getting and maybe if I do get them I'll do a review of them. But as far as right now, we just have the photos to look at. I thank you for reading, and don't forget to tell me which ones you hope to get, don't want to get, or just your opinion in general. Once again, thank you for reading.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Mega Bloks Halo Series DELTA And More Revealed

UPDATE: These are older posts that assumed the waves were series Delta and Echo, but it was just announced that Series Echo is actually series Delta. For now, we will call what we thought was series Delta, Not Echo.

WalMart sure knows how to give us the goods... sometimes. In the latest of listings, we now get to see pics of upcoming Halo Mega Bloks sets. We get an awesome glimpse at the single pack figures, as well as the first look at the newest series, Delta. Oddly enough, neither the Single Packs or Delta Series is actually named, only series Charlie, so this can be seen as a mistake, accidently putting in the wrong photos. Still, we get a good look at sets thatll release for 2016.

The Series of single packs contain a total of 6 figures in the first wave, including Master Chief in an armor similar to Forward Unto Dawn and The Package, Thorne, and so much more. Most of these figures are from Halo 4-5 and are not in blind packages.
Series Delta consist of 8 main figures, including a Scout Spartan, and a Red Elite Ranger. The most notable thing is the 3rd release for a mold, the Active Camo Arbiter, most likely an Ultra Rare given past experiences.

These look awesome, I'm totally excited. So what do you think? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

Halo Bulliton Reveals Upcoming Mega Bloks Halo Sets

The crew behind the YouTube channel, Halo Community's, and its show, Halo Bulliton, decided to take a step into what we all know as Narnia... I'm gussing no one believes me when I said they went to Narnia?.. No? Ok. Anyways, the crew decided to take a tour for a behind the scenes look of just how the company creates the awesome products you enjoy. In doing so, we got a look into prototypes and reveals seen for the first time. (Well, the prototypes at least.) Let's take a look at what we get to check out. Also, I should mention, if you'd like to take a look at the video, click here to check it out.

For the first time, we get to see a giant Banshee in concept color grey in the flesh, and boy does it look epic. Though I'm kind of curious, the last time we got a brick-based vehicle set out of scale for the micro-figures was in 2011 with 96973 Anniversary Edition: UNSC Warthog released for Toys'R'Us. So that begs the question, when (if) this releases, will it be a TRU Exclusive and in scale with the Warthog?

The next reveal is... not really a reveal too much, but it's worth noting. A single figure pack for Spartan Thorne has been revealed showing off it's packaging and details. It seems to include at least one more piece then thought, and comes in a nice package. Note the paint detail on the figure and the weapon, which tampos on a weapon like this hasn't been seen much since the 97207 UNSC Weapons Pack II.

This may not be as interesting to you, but I felt it's worth taking an extra peak. The set in the corner is the new Verses pack, but if you've noticed, this is the first time we've gotten a picture of the set in package. It's a small picture, but it's pretty cool.

So how hyped are you? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Mega Bloks HALO Covenant Watch Tower REVEALED

Wait, did we say Halo? Sorry, but according to the site, it's listed under Call of Duty at this current moment for some reason. Thanks to Toys'R'Us Canada, (and HaloBricks) we got ourselves a new reveal for the Covenant Watch Tower. The set includes 2 figures, a UNSC Soldier Spartan in white/gray, and introducing the Covenant Storm Warrior Elite. We also get a few new weapons including the (possible) Hydra, and new mold for the Fuel Rod Gun, as well as the return of the turret and shield.

This is the first (Second if you include the Micro) Covenant Watch Turret that's not an exclusive to a store. This set runs at $24.99 on the Canadian site and is currently out of stock, that could change at any time so keep an eye out. Just like the NMPD Pelican, this doesn't seem to be on the current sale, so it might not release soon. Some have speculated that this is the first 2016 set we have seen.

While 25 dollars is a little much, I believe you get a lot in the set, so I'll probably get it, especially when I think we need more Covenant bases. What do you think? Will you be buying this? Let us know.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Canada Toys'R'Us Sale | New Sets Release Including NMPD Pelican

For those of you in Canada looking for a sweet deal on Halo Mega Bloks, Toys'R'Us is a good place to look. From August 21st to the 27th 2015, you can get some awesome Halo Mega Bloks set with 20% off. Not only that, the website just posted some of the recent sets for Summer 2015 including the latest Signiture Series set, the NMPD Pelican. Check it out if you can... also keep an eye out on the photos for the NMPD Pelican, you might be surprised to find something which seems to be an error.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Halo 5: Guardians & Mega Bloks | BUILD YOUR GEAR CONTEST!

Love a chance to win some awesome swag? Yeah, I know you do. Mega Bloks is helping to promote 343's latest instalment, Halo 5: Guardians, with a chance to win some cool prizes with the BUILD YOUR GEAR CONTEST.

If you'd like to enter for your chance to win, or if you want to check out some cool entries, you can do so with this link. Remember to read the rules and instructions CAREFULLY before beginning.

Entries ends August, 26th 2015, hurry!

3rd Place Prizes:
UNSC Attack Gausshog, Pheaton Gunship, and a Halo SDCC Fig Pack. (Value - $80 US)
2nd Place Prize:
Banshee Strike, Scorpion's Sting, and a Halo SDCC Fig Pack. (Value - $95 US)
1st Place Prize:
UNSC Attack Gausshog, Banshee Strike, Pheaton Gunship, Scorpion's Sting, Vulture Gunship, and a Halo SDCC Fig Pack. (Value - $255 US)

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Review: #CNG61 Damage Control Cyclops by JANGBRiCKS

JANGBRiCKS has posted a new review, this time it features the brand new Damage Control Cyclops featuring 1 UNSC Marine figure, a Damage Control version of the Cyclops, and a total of 70 parts for ages 8 and up.

'When enemy fire strikes, take control of the situation with the Damage Control Cyclops by Mega Bloks Halo! This imposing multi-role exoskeleton is equipped to handle on-ship emergencies and comes outfitted with buildable claw and fire suppression tank. Build this mission-specialized Cyclops and open the cockpit and canopy to load a super-poseable UNSC Marine micro-action figure with interchangeable armor system. Featuring buildable and customizable armaments and tools, this Cyclops is up to the job, whether the task is repairing hull damage or rescuing UNSC soldiers!'

Friday, 14 August 2015

Review: #CNH25 Flood Infected Cyclops by HaloBricks

HaloBricks has posted a review, this time it features the brand new Flood Infected Cyclops featuring 1 flood figure introduced in the set, a Flood Infected version of the Cyclops, and a total of 46 parts for ages 8 and up.

Reviews: #CNH01 Outlands Skirmish by JANGBRiCKS has posted yet another informative review on another Mega Bloks HALO set. This time it features the brand new Outlands Skirmish featuring 8 UNSC figures, 8 Covenant for a total of 16 figures, 21 Weapons, a translucent blue Brute, a copper Air Assault Spartan, a display stand, and a total of 236 parts for ages 8 and up.

Reviews: #CNG99 ODST Troop Pack by JANGBRiCKS

JANGBRiCKS has posted yet another informative review on another Mega Bloks HALO set. This time it features the brand new ODST Troop Pack featuring 2 ODST's including the infamous Dutch, 2 Covenant Drones for a total of 4 figures, 5 Weapons, a background enviorment, and a total of 102 parts for ages 8 and up.

Full Reboot | HTU is BACK!

Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to our newly rebooted Halo: The Universe, the unofficial blog focused on the universe you know in a smaller scale. Now if you didn't notice, there will be some changes to the overall blog.

1st: More opinions.
- I want to make this blog not just about news, but about my personal opinions on them, I mean it is a blog after all. Though you may have noticed that in the later years of this blog, I still want to continue to do that.

2nd: Contact us.
- It's not up as of the time I'm writing this, but the blog will soon have a 'Contact us' section in case you want to send in news or... you know... contact us.

3rd: Look.
- Ehh, I thought the old look for the blog wasn't that great, in my defense I didn't have the greatest tools to work with, so now I've made some epic changes to the blog and, personally, I think it works out much better.

Now I'm still working on stuff, so what you see may not be the final version of this latest update, stay tuned for news and more as they come... oh, also, one more thing...