Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Canadian Sales Sightings: The Great Canadian Superstore 50% Off Toys Boxing Week Sale

The Great Canadian Superstore has certain toy Half off for their Boxing Week sale, the sale includes toys such as Hot Wheels, Lego, and of course Mega Bloks including Halo and much, much more 

Check your local Superstore flyer to see for yourself

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Halo Mega Bloks Series 4 Released In California

A brand new photo has appeared on the Facebook page of Halo Mega Bloks showing the Series 4 Hero or Mystery Packs found in California. Series 4 includes The Ultra Rare Cortana, Rare Purple EVA Spartan, Rare Yellow ODST, Comman Green Marine, Copper Brute, Arctic Marine, Crymson Flight Elite, and Dark Blue Combat Elite

Please tell us if you found any of these Series 4 Packs in a store near you

Monday, 19 December 2011

Canadian Sales Sightings: 20% All Off Halo Mega Bloks And Need For Speed Sets Dec 16th-24th

Toys "R" Us is having this huge sale on Halo Mega Bloks and Need For Speed building toys 20% off excluding for Halo Mega Bloks UNSC Guasshog Vs Locust which is on sale for $24.97. So for those last minute gift shoppers go check out your local Toys "R" Us toys stores, Happy Holidays

Canadian Sales Sightings: UNSC Gausshog Versus Covenant Locust Half Price In Zellers

Are you Canadian and looking through stores to find the perfect Christmas Gift for that little Halo Mega Bloks lover, hope this helps. The UNSC Guasshog Vs Covenant Locust set was seen in the Canadian Zellers Flyer half price and marked down to $22.49. This sale will only last December 16th - 22nd 2011 so hurry before it's too late 

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Prototype UNSC Vulcan Vs Covenant Revenant: Will We Be Getting This, Or Not?

Recently, a fan on the Official Facebook Page posted a photo of what looks to be a brand new 2012 set at first glance, but it' still being discuss as I'm told if its a concept of the Covenant Revenant with Bubbleshield or an exclusive set similar to the Covenant Strike set sold previously 

Personally, I think it's a brand new set exclusive to a certain store coming later on in early 2012. Discuss it below on HaloTheUniverse if you think it will become a worldwide release, exclusive, or scrap like the UNSC Landing Pad 

The box art of the photo shows the Covenant Revenant slightly redesigned, the all new UNSC Vulcan never seen before, and 3 mini-figs 2 Covenant Elites and 1 Spartan. I believe myself once the set is fully finished it will be exclusive to Wal-Mart stores worldwide and will line up with the Covenant Strike released in 2011 also a Wal-Mart exclusive 

And tune in for more Halo Mega Bloks and other Halo news. Remember this is a prototype so some information isn't correct 

Friday, 16 December 2011

UNSC Spade Vs Skirmisher Set Box Photo Revealled

Badasstoysforbadassboys recently updated their page for the new photo of the 2012 Mega Bloks Halo The Authentic Collector's Series #96981 UNSC Spade Vs Skirmisher Box. The box features the entire set displayed with the set fully built with about 204 pieces, a green spartan on the side, 10th Anniversary blue banner, and the new Armory Build & Customise logo. The set will include a Halo Reach version spartan at least similar to Jorge, a Halo Reach style and color Marine, and a brand new Covenant Skirmisher, also includes a create and UNSC Spade Vehicle as well as a ton of weapons. Check your local store soon

Update Part 1: A photo of the back of the packaging has also appeared on the internet. The back shows off the gimmicks including the moving parts, the Armory gimmick new to and for the line of Mega Bloks, and the crate with the extra amor inside. Also shows off the full set, the mini-figs, stats, and the advertisement showing off the brand new Armory packs for the UNSC Desert Figures with the Spartan II or new EOD, The Covenant Armory Pack featuring a Acidic Elite, UNSC Desert Combat Unit with the EVA, CQB or I believe Scout as well as 2 Marines, and Covenant Turret 

Interview With Dan Wang, Director Of Halo: Helljumper

I recently contacted Dan Wang, Director of the upcoming web series Halo: Helljumper expected to release in January 2012. I asked Dan if it's alright to set up a Interview that I can put on my blog, Halo The Universe. Here below is what he had to say when I asked him the following questions

 Thanks Dan for taking the time to answer these questions 

1. I've heard countless times you use the word "Hope" to describe Halo Helljumper's story, what really inspired you to make the story about hope?

A. That’s a good question. Halo’s universe goes way beyond that of the games where you play a super soldier that essentially gets the job done by blasting his way through hordes of aliens. We often forget about the regular soldiers who don’t have the same advantage. They can’t rely on tremendous strength, ultrafast reflexes, and shield generating armor to save themselves. Often, marines and ODSTs are found on the losing side of the battle and essentially, what people don’t see sometimes, is that cold fact that humans have a grim chance of winning the war. In our case, throughout the project, there were a lot of odds stacked against us in being able to successfully complete our episode. But the one thing that keeps both us and Gage going is that light at the end of the tunnel.

2. What's the biggest problem you had facing while working on the production of Halo Helljumper

A. There were a multitude of issues that we had to address during our production. Some bigger than others, but one of the biggest setbacks was on the first and second days of shooting, where our equipment trucks were delayed from extreme traffic from Brooklyn to Manhattan. This caused us to have to move our schedule for that first day onto the second day which resulted in an almost 16 hour day. That was extremely brutal for everyone.

3. What really inspire you to create and develop the story based from the Halo Universe?

A. I’ve read a lot of the stories from the books. My opinion was that "Dirt" got us a very human feel from the Halo Universe. It also had a lot of potential to be expanded upon, because it gave us critical moments in the Universe and Gage’s own life during the war, there were a lot of holes that could be filled in. In addition, Gage’s character development is very pronounced and for any story, the main character needs to successfully develop otherwise the story falls flat despite how well it plays out.

4. What are your plans for the future in film making?

A. At the moment, everything is up in the air. Obviously, my goal is to continue with the Halo web series and hopefully continue on to shoot a feature for it. Besides that, I’m currently working on a zombie themed web show that should also premiere sometime next year. It won’t be as epic as Halo, but as with anything involving zombies, it will be fun to watch.

5. The Aliens from what I've seen look very promising so far but whats the most challenging thing about developing the Aliens?

A. With technology today, it’s not hard to make aliens look realistic. The hardest part with any animation of a live character is to make the movements fluid and realistic. A lot of times you will see CG that looks good, but just doesn’t move right, and that really takes an audience out of the movie. We’re spending quite a bit of time making sure that the aliens are exactly what we expect them to be.

6. What was your favourite thing on developing the Aliens?

A. Aliens in the game are a little bit comical in a way. My favorite part of developing the aliens in Halo was to make them a lot darker than they are in the game. These creatures are taking over humanity planet by planet with plasma weapons and what not, they have to at least look intimidating. So I had a bit of fun making them evil and demonic looking, as you can see by the Grunt.

7. Who's the star of you show?

A. Bradley Rose plays Gage Yevgenny at the moment who is the main protagonist in the series. But with any episodic series, there are many strong supporting characters. In our case, we have characters like Mingyu Chu playing Gage’s best friend Mason, and Tyler La Marr playing Teller. There are many other recurring characters as well.

8. Do you plan to go further, do you think on developing more stories based on Halo?

A. Of course! If all is well with Helljumper. I wanted to really expand and work on a "semi-canon" series that is based off a Spartan-III. Think of it as something like Halo meets the Bourne Trilogy since that’s what inspired that storyline.

9. How do you think the fans will react to your series?

A. I honestly wouldn’t be able to predict. Based on all positive reactions to the trailer, and during the pre-screening, we are hoping that people like the series and want to see more, so that we can grab Microsoft’s attention. At the moment, I think we are among few Halo fan films to really hit the market since Neil and Peter Jackson worked together on the Landfall short. So I hope that our exclusivity also helps to push our popularity up.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

SMUToys: Mega Bloks Halo 96932 Combat Elite & 96933 Zealot Elite Covenant Drop Pods Double Review

I know it's a bit late but better late then never, thanks for the review SMUTOYS, P.S. this is on my Christmas List

Halo Mega Bloks: 96978 Mystery Packs Series 4 Revealed

Featuring Cortana as the Ultra Rare, Crimson
 Flight Elite w/ Plasma Pistol, Purple EVA w/
Spiker, Copper Brute w/ Spiker, Arctic Marine
w/ Pistol, Yellow ODST, Light Green Marine,
and Blue Combat Elite w/ Plasma Pistol 
Credit: Adalberto Puente Vazquez and Sergio Flores Amezcua

After taking a break from the blog, I have returned with great news, recently someone posted a photo on the Halo Mega Bloks wall the packaging featuring all of the Mystery Packs AKA Hero Packs for Series 4 figures. All 8 figures are featured in front of a Spartan Helmet, seemingly same spartan seen on previous Mega Bloks packaging, with information below.

The figures include Cortana who seems to replace the Active Camo's and she has a new stand, Crimson Flight Elite w/ Plasma Pistol, Purple EVA w/ Spiker, Copper Brute w/ Spiker, Arctic Marine w/ Pistol, Yellow ODST, Light Green Marine, and Blue Combat Elite w/ Plasma Pistol. The set is for ages 8 and up / 96978 / Halo Series 4. I'm not 100% sure when these will appear in your stores but it seems to be very, very soon. We will let you know if it has been spotted. 

Now we'd like to hear from you, please comment below about how you feel about the set and which ones are you really looking forward too, I want the Yellow ODST and Purple EVA 

Update: Sergio Flores Amezcua has posted a new photo with 6 of the figures, and the newly updated foil packaging, click here to see the photo and enjoy   

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Now The 1st Part Of The Updates Completed

Halo toy universe, now called Halo The Universe, has finished the first update of re naming the blog and url, hopefully people heard about the update and is still following

Monday, 14 November 2011

More About Halo Helljumper

Halo Helljumper is an incredibly unique and developed series that will take you to an unimaginable world of chaos and war. Helljumper is an unofficial series based on the ever-growing popular game franchise called Halo. The series will take us through the life of an ODST warrior from before the Covenant-Human war up to the fall of Reach, but the universe of Halo is more then just shooting the bad guys. This series will take you to the extraordinary universe full of devastation, grief, affection, but more importantly.... hope. 

The series is directed by Dan Wang, who really imagined what many others couldn't in the devastating world of the Halo universe. The series will air the Pilot Episode January 2012 



"It's more then just dirt, it's our dirt"  

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Please Read if you wish to continue checking out our blog

On November 27th, we will be expanding our blog even further then it is now. We are currently asking if we can advertise a show which I will not state the name until it is confirmed. Due to this we will no longer be calling ourselves the "Halo Toy Universe Blog" but will call ourselves the "Halo Universe Blog" to expand the blog and make it larger, so the url will soon change to "www.halotheuniverse.blogspot.com"

Thank you for reading

Halo Helljumper Trailer

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Halo Mega Bloks: Covenant Drop Pods Releasing

 The Covenant drop pods we're seen as prototype's displayed at the Toy Fair 2011 with plenty of other stuff from Halo and Mega Bloks, since then, the Covenant Drop Pods have been at the top of some fans wish list. Now after months of waiting, the Covenant Drop Pods have been spotted 

These photos were actually taken on facebook on October 28th 2011 but unfortunately we accidental skipped them, we will do our best not to fail again. 

The one Drop Pod includes the Golden Zealot Elite, which comes with a brand new Needler, Rifle, and Grenades. The other Drop Pod includes Plasma Pistol, Energy Sword, and Fuel Rod Gun. Both with the Drop Pods of course 

Good Luck and happy hunting 

Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the guys at the HaloToyUniverse blog 

Halo Mega Bloks: #96975 Limited Edition: Versus: Battle Packs now released

Some more photos have surfaced of the Versus Battle Pack on Facebook with a new video review of the blind 2 pack with all the figures. The toy includes 2 figures, one red, one blue, and one UNSC, one Covenant figure. One pack includes the Red Combat Elite and Blue Marine while the other pack includes a Red ODST and Blue Flight Elite.

Let us know if you happen to spot the Limited Edition two pack in a store near you, special thanks to commanderbacara198 for the review on YouTube

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Halo Mega Bloks Closer Look Into The 2012 Sets

Remember from Halofest when the panels presented a look into the 2012 sets? these are the same sets but in a closer and more clear look into them thanks to a website called BadassToysforBadassBoys.com. Unfortunately these are still prototype models but at least it's more easier to see, check them out below. These set are listed for Pre-Order for these sets, click the description underneath the photo to learn more about the toy.  

Halo Toy Universe is an ever growing blog for Halo fans and those who collect the toys to get news as soon as possible.

96928 Mega Bloks Halo Arctic Elite Drop Pod (Click Here) (Note: For some reason, this photo is not actually the Arctic Elite yes advertises as if it is. The actual version as it list comes with an Arctic Combat Elite. There are two other Drop Pods listed below) 

Combat Elite (Click Here)

Elite Zealot (Click Here)

96929 Mega Bloks Halo Flood Pod Elite Combat Form (Click Here) (Note: It does say in Elite Combat Form, we could be getting more Flood Pods or it might just be separating itself from the previous Flood characters)

96949 Mega Bloks Halo Covenant Shade Turret (Click Here)

96981 Mega Bloks Halo UNSC Spade vs Skirmisher (Click Here) 

96982 Mega Bloks Halo Covenant Revenant Attack (Click Here) 

96983 Mega Bloks Halo Battlescape II (Click Here) (Note: did anyone notice that the figures here are exclusive to Halofest? These are most likely not the ones to come with this set. Also the Ghost is in a slightly different colour that could be due to lighting, its a prototype, or it's a completely new colour for the Covenant. It's also the same colour as the Revenant. Yet, the Turret is seen in the Normal Purple colour variation. This is the Grass version coming Spring, we will get a re-release Desert one like in February, and an Arctic one later on)

Also 2 more sets that were announced by ToyWiz.com was also listed:

Mega Bloks Halo UNSC Armoury Pack 96951 AND Covenant Armoury Pack 96952 (Click Here) 

Mega Bloks Halo Crimson Covenant 96959 and UNSC Desert 96958 Combat Units (Click Here) 

They say these might not be around Christmas, they say theirs a chance but it's highly unlikely. Let me know in the comment section below what you think of them

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

SMUToys: Mega Bloks Halo 96970 Anniversary Edition UNSC Troop Pack Review

!Halo Toy Mation Contest Winners!

After some delay, the Winners have been announced on Halotoymation's website, first off, congrats to those people who made it to the top ten, you guys made awesome videos. They have announced the top 3 and the list below goes from #3 to #2 and finally #1

 #3: Vengeance: An excellent video that collaborates many type of action and suspense in one stop motion video. An entertaining video with twist and turns when the hunters become the hunted. 
 #2: HALO: The Battle On Block Planet: An awesome video that takes so many excellent features. Stop Motion and Digital Animation, Smooth motion, and awesome sets and backgrounds built from scratch

And so, the Number 1 video and winner in the Halo Mega Bloks Toy Mation Contest is..... 
#1: The Rookie: Such a cleverly rich compound of action, suspense, and great comedy that's entertaining to anyone who watches. With rich environments, smooth animation, and plenty more, this is the stop motion of my dreams and I can not believe how well done it is

Great work to all who have entered

Halo Battlescape Re-Release for 10th Anniversary Series and for Fall 2011

I was looking through Walmart.ca for some gift idea's for something I'm working on when I passed by this new photo of the Halo Mega Bloks Battlescape set. For some reason the box had changed from the 2010 "Halo (The Authentic Collector's Series" black packaging to the newly updated 2011 "Halo (10th Anniversary Edition)" blue packaging. The Battlescape inside comes with everything that the February 2011 edition.

So I posted it on the Internet to share with the other fans of Halo Mega Bloks on Facebook to get their opinion, they seemed just as curious as I do about the up dative packaging. The next day Brad "Mega Bloks Halo on Facebook's admin" had this to say.....

"Yes, this is the new packaging for Fall 2011. A new "grass" version will be in stores Spring 2012."

 so we will see a re-released version of this sometime very soon. I also pointed out that the models on the side right next to the "Set 21" has the game version Mongoose and not the Mega Bloks Version, someone also pointed out the this seems to have 2 more pieces then the previouse model, but other then the box this is the same set as last time re-released. I can't wait to get this, I missed the last one cause I couldn't find it so mabye this one will be easier to find, let us know if you had spotted it  

Its set price on Walmart.ca is $42.98  

Update: Better Quallity Photo 

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Halo Mega Bloks #96937 EVA’s Last Stand Review

#96937 EVA’s Last Stand 

After a squad gets killed off by a Covenant force, one Spartan escapes the fight after seeing his allies fall. He soon realises he’s being followed by two Hunters, some of the most dangerous Covenant warriors. The EVA Spartan knows he must make his heroic stand and finds a battle damaged Warthog. As the Covenant finally has the upper hand the EVA uses the turret on the Warthog to make his last stand. 

EVA’s Last Stand comes with an EVA Spartan with Rifle, 2 fully updated Hunters, and destroyed Warthog. The first Green EVA Spartan comes with new rounded off shoulders, a completely unique chest piece, and the EVA helmet itself. The texture of the Green is much brighter then the classic and common Spartan II figure, the body is fairly accurate with amazing details, and the head looks similar to the Flame Marine but is actually more different once you’ve actually compare the two. With 12 points of articulation alone in this figure and the black rifle that can be used for display, this figure is not bad at all. 

If you remember, the Hunters were sort of tricky to collect. They were only in retail in the #96833 Wolverine and #96852 Arctic Wolverine set, both in purple. For around $40 to get just one hunter from those two sets it wasn’t all to easy compared to other sets. Now, it’s much easier to purchase since in this set, it comes with two Hunters, easier price, and their painted and molded to look more like their full game version. With 10 points of articulation, lots of detail, nice shields and Armour, and a newly designed, complex gun for each hunter. 

Now the Battle Damaged Warthog. I like how the spread a bunch of random parts on the Landmass to simulate the torn Armour for the battle damage. What’s cool about this is if you collected the Rockethog Vs. Anti Aircraft Gun battle set and take the wheels off the Rockethog, take some of the torn off parts, and you can make a fully functioning Desert Camo Warthog for yourself. Not only that, you can take the Rockethog and place it on the landmass. Spread a few torn parts lying around, and you can make a Battle Damage Rockethog. 

The turret is supposed to look similar to the First Warthog Mega Bloks created with the Machine gun mount. Its completely unique and redesigned to look better to simulate its gaming appearance from Halo. It does have two handles and a little circular dish on the bottom to display your EVA Spartan battling it out with the Hunters and making his stand. 

Decide for yourself who will win this close battle with the new EVA’s Last Stand. Make your own scenes and play as the Hunters or EVA, or ask friends to play along. Or you can take the battle larger and display it with your Halo and or Mega Bloks collection. Average Price: $30, Set Number: #96937, Building: 1 being the easiest, 10 being hard, 6/10, Parts total: 169, Total Overall: 1 being the worst, 10 being the best, 8/10  

Check out this video of the toy posted by SMUTOYS  

Friday, 14 October 2011

Halo Mega Bloks: Official CGI Product Image Of Covenant Drop Pod Elite Zealot

Finally, an official product photo of one of the full Covenant Drop Pods sets featuring the Golden Elite Zealot with Needler, Rifle, and Grenade as shown in the picture, as well as the Covenant Drop Pod itself in purple (With details) and a 6x4 plate.

Personally, I loved the ODST ones and have successfully collected them all, now I can't wait to start collecting these. There should be 2-3 Elite Drop Pod coming to shelves soon with a Flood Pod in the first wave. Ultra Elite and Arctic Elite has been mentioned and some what shown up on the Internet, the Zealot with the other Drop Pods have been seen in the instructions sheets from the latest Halo Sets, but not full product view.  

To check out the source or for more, click the links below

Expected retail price for $12.99 each, we will let you know when it releases in stores.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Mega Bloks: Mega Bloks Halo thanks their fans who entered the toymation contest

Well, the contest is over and the voting has begun. Mega Bloks and Halo gives their thanks with a special collaboration video of some of the contest entries into one video with a special message. Time to vote at http://halotoymation.megabloks.com/


"Check out this great collection of some of our favourite videos from the Mega Bloks Halo Toymation Contest! You can vote for your favourite videos until October 16; make sure not to miss it! Share this video and your favourites with your friends and get them to vote, too!" Description in the video above from MegaBloksHALO on YouTube  

Mega Bloks: First Photo of Versus: Battle Packs

Welcome back, sorry I have not taken any time with this blog in recent times, I have been to busy to even think about this blog but now we have returned. 

A fan on the Facebook Page for the official Mega Bloks and Halo has posted a new photo of a toy soon to come. Nathaniel, who posted the photo, gives credit to Sparky from the Bloks Forum. The toy is similar to the popular Mega Bloks Mystery "Hero" packs except these are for the new Versus "Red Vs. Blue" series and come with 2 Figures and Weapons, 2 Bricks, and the Collector's Sheet inside each package. The picture art on the front shows off a Red Team Combat Elite figure with Plasma Pistol, a Red Team ODST figure with Rifle, a Blue and Light Blue Fight Elite figure with Plasma Pistol, and Blue Team Marine figure with Rifle  

The toys packeging also says Limited Edition, the code to scan, #96975, prodect name Versus: Battle Pack. Please do tell us if you happen to spot this toy in a store near you, Collect all 4  

Facebook Photo  

Nathaniel said he found it here  

Saturday, 1 October 2011

I have just spotted the #96967 Assault on High Grounds in my Wal-Mart, Have you found any Versus sets yet?

Today, I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few thing, and during that time I went to the local Wal-Mart at Victoria Langford B.C. and I found something that had surprised me. Either today or yesterday they finally stocked up on the Halo Mega Bloks Versus High Ground Assault for around $60.They have also recently stocked up on the Red Versus Combat Unit and Blue Versus Combat Unit for around $13. I went there a few days ago and they didn't have any of the High Ground Assault's so this is brand new. Now we need your help, please tell us if you have located this set or any other Versus set in your local retail store, tell us how much it was, if you bought it, and/or what you think of it or any Versus set. 

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Images of Mcfarlane Toys Halo Reach Series Wave 5 and more

Spawn.com has just announced and posted new images on the upcoming Halo Reach figures including Wave 5 Single Pack, Weapons Pack, 2 Packs, and more. You can check them out below and don't forget to stay tuned to Halo Toy Universe on Blogger for more

Carter (unhelmeted)
The Noble Team Spartans of Halo: Reach, unlike Master Chief, are seen both with their helmets and without. This new, alternate version of Noble One brings back Carter with his unhelmeted appearance. Figure includes the new Spartan Laser weapon and a Frag Grenade.

Brute Chieftain
The tribal Jiralhanae troops are led by their Chieftains – towering Brutes, easily recognized by their ornate armor and powerful weaponry. Our second Brute figure from Halo: Reach captures every detail of the new look of this fearsome enemy. Figure includes the new Gravity Hammer weapon and a Plasma Grenade.

Skirmisher Murmillo
The Covenant Skirmisher makes its return in Halo: Reach Series 5, in the upgraded form of the Murmillo rank. Murmillos feature orange armor and a protective facemask, but really stand out on the battlefield due to the small energy shields they wear on each forearm. Figure also includes a Plasma Pistol and a Plasma Grenade.

Elite Ranger
Jetpacks aren't only for multiplayer in Halo: Reach. While the UNSC has ODST Troopers with jetpacks, the Covenant have their own campaign character with aerial ability: the Elite Ranger. The Ranger rank and armor style features white armor with an enclosed helmet, integrated jetpack, and fully-sealed bodysuit for operations in the vacuum of space. Figure includes the all-new Focus Rifle weapon and a Plasma Grenade.

Spartan Gungnir custom (male) (olive/tan)
This heavily customized male Spartan features a top-of-the-line armor selection consisting of only the most expensive items available. From the Gungnir helmet with CBRN/HU/RS attachments to the Assault/Sapper chest with robotic arm, down to the Grenadier knee guards, this soldier spares no expense for protection and style. Figure features olive and tan armor, and includes the new Rocket Launcher weapon and a Frag Grenade.

Halo: Reach Weapons Pack
Need more firepower for your figure collection? Build your Halo armory with this assortment of weapons from Halo: Reach. This pack includes seven different UNSC and Covenant weapons, grenades, and a Spartan Jetpack armor ability as an added bonus. Set consists of an Assault Rifle, Plasma Rifle, DMR, Needle Rifle, Shotgun, Concussion Rifle, Magnum, Frag Grenade, Plasma Grenade, and Spartan Jetpack.

Spartan Security (male) (team blue/team blue) [Toys "R" Us exclusive]
The popular Security helmet returns in an updated form in Halo: Reach – and the new helmet makes its action figure debut in Halo: Reach Series 5. Figure is ready for team-based multiplayer with his all-blue color scheme and includes Grenade Launcher and Frag Grenade. Exclusive to Toys "R" Us.

Spartan Operator (male) (team red/team red) [Target exclusive]
The Operator armor was developed exclusively for members of ONI's Beta-5 Asymmetrical Action Group. Figure is ready for team-based multiplayer with his all-red color scheme and includes Spartan Laser and Frag Grenade. Exclusive to Target.

Carded CQB Custom Armor Pack (team red/team red) [Target exclusive]
Our popular boxed Armor Pack program is now available with the smaller cost and packaging of a single figure! These exclusive carded Armor Packs are perfect for collectors who already have several Spartan figures just want new armor pieces for them. This abridged set is packaged in a standard blister card and includes a CQB helmet, two UA/Multi-Threat shoulders, and a UA/Multi-Threat chest; a Security helmet and shoulder with a Base Security shoulder and chest; and a Mark V helmet, two Mark V shoulders, and a UA/Counter Assault chest. All armor pieces are in the bright "Team Red" color to match the Spartan Operator Target exclusive Spartan action figure.

Covenant Spec Ops
This follow-up to last series' Spartan Specter 3-pack continues the stealth theme with a pair of Covenant troops from the Special Operations branch.

The Elite Spec Ops figure (introduced in Halo: Reach Series 3), with its dark gray armor, was already hard to see. This new version features the sneaky Sangheili with his active camouflage ability activated, granting him nearly complete invisibility.

His partner, the Grunt Spec Ops, is also designed for stealth and secrecy. This rank features a facemask and goggles, a two-pronged methane tank, and a dark black color scheme. Plus, if you've been collecting Grunts since Halo: Reach Series 1, this figure completes your collection of all five Unggoy ranks.

This 2-pack includes a clear Elite Spec Ops figure with Energy Sword, and a Grunt Spec Ops figure with Fuel Rod Gun. Each figure also includes a Plasma Grenade.

Spartan CQB Custom Armor Packs (Steel)
Spartan CQB Custom Armor Packs (Rust)
The Spartan CQB Custom Armor Pack includes a base male Spartan wearing the CQB helmet, two UA/Multi-Threat shoulders, matching UA/Multi-Threat chest, and default knee guards; plus three sets of supplemental, interchangeable armor. Additional armor sets are Security (Security helmet and shoulder, Base Security shoulder, and UA/Base Security chest), Operator (helmet, two shoulders, and HP/Parafoil chest), and Mark V (helmet, two shoulders, and a UA/Counter Assault chest). Each boxed Armor

Spartan Gungnir Armor Packs (Steel)
Spartan Gungnir Armor Packs (Team Red)
The Spartan Gungnir Armor Pack includes a base male Spartan wearing the Gungnir helmet, two Gungnir shoulders, default chest, and Gungnir knee guards; plus three sets of supplemental, interchangeable armor. Additional armor sets are Recon (helmet, two shoulders, and Tactical/Recon chest), JFO (helmet, two shoulders, and HP/HALO chest), and HAZOP (helmet, two shoulders, and two Jump Jet shoulders). Each boxed Armor Pack also includes a bonus helmet; this one contains the EOD. Set is available in either default Steel or Sage. 

Exodus Mongoose Set
The Halo: Reach level "Exodus" portrayed a major turning point in the Battle of Reach: the military's shift in priorities from defense... to evacuation.

The Mongoose set inspired by this memorable level includes a Mongoose from the beachfront Caracalla Park area of New Alexandria, with mud splatter and battle-worn paint effects to represent the ongoing defeat and destruction of the UNSC's defenses.

The Exodus Mongoose Set also includes a new version of the ODST Jetpack Trooper from the cargo port area of New Alexandria (first introduced in Halo: Reach Series 2). This updated version reflects the character's appearance in the final game, including the distinctive ODST chestplate, shoulders, and wrists.

Mongoose with Team Blue EOD (custom)
In the Rocket Race gametype, four teams of two players each must escort their VIP to the level's objective as quickly as possible. But the VIPs are no passive passengers: each is equipped with a Rocket Launcher – the perfect tool for blasting opponents off course!

This Mongoose set includes a Mongoose in Blue Team colors and a matching blue Spartan with EOD helmet, blue visor, HAZOP and CQC shoulders, Assault/Commando chest, Grenadier knee guards, and Rocket Launcher. 

Noble Team Deluxe Boxed Set
The 2010 blockbuster video game, Halo: Reach, introduced players to the six heroic Spartans of Noble Team, the veteran combat unit assigned to defend the UNSC’s military stronghold against the alien Covenant invaders. Now, for the first time, you can get all six action figures of the main characters – Carter, Kat, Jun, Emile, Jorge, and Noble Six - of Halo: Reach together in one box!

 commanderbacara198 on Youtube has them in one video, enjoy