Saturday, 30 November 2013

Halo Mega Bloks 2014 Micro Fleet Wave #1 sets revealed

Does the username Vanocean ring any bells? Well he's the guy from Spartan Bloks who seems to get his hands on 2014 sets early. A while ago he got a new Battle Unit and Ammo Pack now he has three of the Wave #1 or only Wave sets for the Micro-Fleet line. What's Micro-Fleet you ask? Well it seems to be a line much like the Lego Star Wars Mini's from at least what I can remember of them. It seems to be like their early stuff as you get two mini playsets some for different sides, some just for background of display.

Sets include:
#97270 Micro-Fleet Mantis Invasion
#97224 Micro-Fleet Hornet Assault
#97216 Micro-Fleet Warthog Attack

First we'll take a look at the Mantis Invasion. This one includes a well-put for this scale Desert Camo Mantis with what I think is a Shade Turret behind it. Included with a Bonus Figure and this one seems to be the only new deco for this figure, a Silver Mark VI Spartan with a brand new weapon. The Mantis looks well articulated and the head case much like the Plasma Dragon heads looks good. Hoping there's a little Die-Cast in it, if not, still a nice piece.

Next is the Hornet Assault. Included with this set is pretty much a down scaled version of the Hornet Attack released for the Target Exclusive Red Line. Basically, you get a Hornet, as well as a Covenant Sniper Tower, and a Red Spartan Bonus Figure in which has a Saw. Also a Red Helmet Case.

Last but not least, the Warthog Attack. Much like the Warthog Resistance this includes a Warthog which seems to be the Rocket Variant, a Forerunner Structure, a Master Chief, and a Green Helmet.

All looking really good, if you want, I have a video on them in the embed below.




Monday, 18 November 2013

Walmart Canada Sale UNSC Light Assault VTOL

Going to Walmart for some Christmas hopping? A few Mega Bloks sets are currently on sale during November 8th to the 21st 2013. Included in this sale for set that were $22.93 to $19.88 is the UNSC Light Assault VTOL. Happy Hunting.

Target Canada Sale on Halo Mega Bloks UNSC Pelican Gunship.

Working on your Christmas list for buying or giving? Target Canada has the UNSC Pelican Gunship, 2013 not the 2010 version, you know the Halo 4 Version. From November 4th to the 28th the UNSC Pelican Gunship is on sale for $79.99. Get it while it's hot and remember, in maybe some Target Stores, the UNSC Cryo Bay is also on sale for $3.89. That includes the re-release white packaged Summer 2013 Edition as I had just purchased it myself. Good luck.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Halo Mega Bloks 2014 brings new Battle Unit, Cyclops, Ghost, and more.

Credit to Vanocean on Spartan Bloks, people now see what's to release for 2014, at least for some early sets. And it seems to bring some interesting sets that look not bad. 1st off we can see the Spartan IV Battle Unit, which includes the Red/Maroon Halo 4 UNSC Scout Spartan, Halo 4 Covenant Storm Jackal, Green Halo 4 Covenant Imperial Grunt, and a Blue Translucent Halo 4 Spartan Recruit. 2nd is the UNSC Armory Pack II, with a brand new Halo 4 UNSC Marine, a chest piece with a knife in storage, and interesting colored Weapons. On the back of the boxes advertises a Ghost set, a new Cyclops, and four new Drop Pods.