Sunday, 30 December 2012

More photos of 2013 Mega Bloks sets appear

Credit to Ryan Egbert. Gearing up for 2013, Mega Bloks introduces a new line up of Halo sets issued for Winter. These sets are all available on and should soon see a full release rather than just being spotted in some areas. The Sets include 
Cryo Bay 
Drop Pod: Recon ODST 
Drop Pod: Elite General 
Covenant Spectre Ambush 
UNSC Mantis 
Cauldron Clash 
Update: You can find more at 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Better looks at a few Halo Mega Bloks 2013 Sets

Thanks to BAToys4BABoys and YouTuber Philipve98 for the new photos and information on a few 2013 Sets. One being a photo of the Covenant Spectre Ambush and the other being a video on the Cauldron Clash after a release of the photo. Covenant Spectre Ambush has a Covenant Commando Elite, Covenant Honor Gaurd Elite, and a UNSC Marine. And the Cauldron Clash has 2 Promethian Crawlers, Promethian Watcher, Promethian Knight, what looks to be a Spartan Warrior, and a UNSC Marine

Tuesday, 13 November 2012 updates with information on 2013 sets UNSC Mantis and Cauldron Clash

Well more and more information continues to appear online at including new information on the UNSC Mantis and Cauldron Clash 

UNSC Mantis: 
Features: - NEW Buildable UNSC multi-purpose battle mech - Buildable loading and repair bay - UNSC Trooper: Spartan in Warrior stealth armor - Weapon: Light Machine Gun

Cauldron Clash: 
Features:- Buildable multi-player map based on the Halo 4 level ""Requiem""- Buildable Promethean Knight, Promethean Watcher and Promethean Crawler - UNSC Troopers: Spartan in Soldier armor, Marine - Accessories and weapons: Backpack, Railgun, Designated Marksman Rifle - Combine the Cauldron with other Battlescapes and sets to create your own epic Halo maps!

Friday, 9 November 2012

2013 Previews show up on the Mega Bloks Halo Facebook Page

Well thanks to the fans on the Mega Bloks Halo Facebook Page, there's some previews of 2013 Halo Mega Bloks The Forerunner Threat sets, although it may not be clear it still awesome

The first photo seems to be the Covenant Spectre Ambush, the second could be the Cauldron Clash 
Credit: Mark Laidler, Ryan Gordon

Mystery Packs Series 6 Revealled

Well if you haven't been collecting Series 5, hurry up before stores stock up on Series 6. Finally a look at Series 6 mini-figures, interesting enough, there's some brand new molds not released in previous Mystery Waves and one that exactly represents a Series 5.

The list as follows
Common: Covenant Copper Grunt
Common: Covenant Jackal
Rare: Covenant Cyan Combat Elite
Common: UNSC Cobalt EVA Spartan
Common: UNSC Desert Camo Marine
Common: UNSC Purple EOD Spartan
Rare: UNSC Yellow Mark 5[B] Spartan
Ultra Rare: UNSC Red Grenadier Spartan

Interesting enough, the Mark 5[B] Spartan is almost the exact same figure as my first Mcfarlane figure, even includes a Shot Gun but in any case I'll try and collect them

Credit to: Halo JoBob, The Bloks Forum, Tattycape Patchy III

Congrats Rooster Teeth for your 10th Season

I just want to say if anyone from Rooster Teeth see this, I just want to say congrats on finishing off the 10th Season of Red Vs. Blue. Hope to see more in the future

Friday, 12 October 2012

Update on Halo Mega Bloks sets

Thanks to we got new information on the upcoming Halo Mega Bloks 2013 sets, including the name for the line up, The Forerunner Threat. As well as a few of the names of the sets previously listed as unknown 

Mega Bloks Halo Forerunner Threat Set #97118 Caludron Clash: Price $42.99 

Some more information can be seen in the link 

Friday, 5 October 2012

MEGA BLOKS: Halo: #97068 UNSC Cryo Bay Photos

Originally one of the first 2013 set to be revealed to the public, new photos have appeared for the upcoming Cryo Bay for those who may not be able to get the Foward Unto Dawn set coming soon. This set will be available in 2013 but you can pre-order it online at

Credit to: Daniel Ireland

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

MEGA BLOKS: Spring 2013 set revealed: #97115 UNSC Mantis

A brand new never before seen Spring 2013 sets has just been revealed on the Mega Bloks Blog called the UNSC Mantis. The 443 piece set includes a UNSC Mantis, Station, one weapon, and a brand new Spartan Warrior based on the Halo 4 design.

"The Mantis is a fully articulated battle mech with an insane amount of firepower — a machine gun and 5-tube missile launcher, to be exact. It is piloted by this stealth-armor equipped Warrior Spartan, a totally new addition to the line." 

So what do you think, will you be buying this set, I know I will 

Friday, 17 August 2012

First 2013 Mega Bloks Halo sets announced thanks to BAT4BAB

One of the sites we advertised on the Halo The Universe Blog has issued new listings for upcoming 2013 set for Mega Bloks Halo. There's a few Combat Units, Drop Pods some that we're issued for 2012 but has been pushed back to 2013, and plenty of other sets. A few are TBA and some don't have the price listed but that's ok for now. Keep in mind that these sets can still be pulled back from any release and changes will be made. You can Pre-Order the available sets on September 1st 2012. The sets are........

Click here to see them and consider Pre-Ordering them on BAT4BAB 

Halo Mega Bloks: #97037 UNSC Ammo Pack, Price: $TBA
Halo Mega Bloks: #97083 UNSC Orange Combat Unit: $11.77
Halo Mega Bloks: #97083 Covenant Cobalt Combat Unit: $11.77
Halo Mega Bloks: #97088 UNSC Cryo Bay Set: $11.77
Halo Mega Bloks: #97074 Arctic Covenant Drop Pod: $12.95
Halo Mega Bloks: #97075 Flood Pod Set: $12.95
Halo Mega Bloks: #97105 ODST Recon Specialist Set: $15.95
Halo Mega Bloks: #97106 Covenant Crimson Drop Pod: Elite General: $15.95
Halo Mega Bloks: #97110 Covenant Spectre Ambush: $19.99
Halo Mega Bloks: #97115 UNSC Set [TBA]: $29.99
Halo Mega Bloks: #97118 [TBA] Set #97118: $42.95
Halo Mega Bloks: #96978 Series 6 M.A.F. Mystery Pack [1 Random Figure]: Multi

Notes: Two sets have the same number and one is most likely to change. Also the Flood Pod will most likely be different than the previous one released, what do you think?

Friday, 13 July 2012


Warning: ths video will give you a nerdgasm, watch at your own risk. The web series exclusive to MachinimaPrime called Forward Unto Dawn, a web series revolving around Halo 4, finally premiered the full length trailer. Enjoy watching all this epic, and don't be affraid to cry tears of joy  

Monday, 25 June 2012

Canadian ToysRUs Sale: 2 for $40 on all $24.99 Mega Bloks Halo sets

ToysRUs's in Canada are having a sale on certain Mega Bloks Halo toys. 2 for $40 on all $24.99 sets which includes the EVA's Last Stand. Again this sale is on all $24.99 Mega Bloks Halo toys, so the sale is most likely not only available for the EVA's Last Stand 

So if you haven't gotten the EVA's Last Stand yet, this is a pretty good chance to get your hands on one or two as well as something else you might have your mind on. Sale lasts June 22nd-29th 2012

MEGA BLOKS: Halo #97018 Forward on to Dawn (The Infinity) set revealed

As soon as I saw this on the Mega Bloks Halo Facebook Wall thanks to Will Bailey, (As well as TradeDemon from my jaw completely fell to the ground. The first little photo of a (possibly) upcoming set from Mega Bloks and Halo called: Forward on to Dawn 

The set looks as if it's gonna be huge just by the box, it will most likely be very costly. That is if it hits retail. We don't know when the set may release if it even does so. W don't know if the set will even include mini-figurines. All that's shown is a photo of the concept fully built, it's rated for ages 8 and up, the set name, and what seems to be a disconection gimmick (This could be to interact with mini-figures like some of the larger Lego Star Wars sets) 

I can't wait to hear if this set will go further in the production of Mega Bloks Halo. If you want this, save up your money 

Update: It's vehicle is actually called "The Infinity" (At least from fans opinions, it looks more like the Infinity more then anything) they could be planning both the Infinity and the Forward on to Dawn set, or the original set was the Forward on to Dawn but changed in production 

Update 2: The set will come with mini-figures and is set for a release date around November 2012 

Also check out..... 

Thursday, 21 June 2012

MEGA BLOKS: Halo #97002 Covenant Silver Combat Unit

Finally, a summer 2012 set. Advance your Covenant Army with the Covenant Silver Combat Unit. Invade the UNSC with the help of two Grunt Minors, and a powerful Combat Elite which, at any given time, can change into the dreaded Ascetic Elite. Will the UNSC forces fall, the next chapter is in your hands

Monday, 18 June 2012

BAToys4BABoys reveals full box art for 97017 Countdown (UNSC Sabre with Gantry)

Thanks to, we finally get to see the final version of the box art for the renamed set "Countdown" which was once called the UNSC Sabre with Gantry. The set includes 6 figures, the UNSC Sabre, and the Gantry Landing Pad all at a price ranged of around $100. The Sabre was the set chosen from the 2011 Halofest for which one set will be released, it was chosen over the Forerunner Structure and the Covenant Spirit Dropship. Enjoy 

Again, the set includes 2 UNSC (Troopers) Marines, a Mark V(b) Spartan, a UNSC Sergeant, a UNSC Technician, and a new coloured UNSC Grenadier Spartan which totals to 6 figures. It also includes the Armory System which means you can convert a figure to another, currently the secondary armor is unknown. My overall view, although I usually go after the largest Covenant Sets for my armies this is actually number 1 on my list, wish me luck and good luck to you if you so choose to one day get it 

Monday, 11 June 2012

CommanderBacara198 Reviews 97065 Versus: Snowbound Combat Unit Review

Full Credit goes to CommanderBacara198 for his review on the Mega Bloks Halo 97065 Verses: Snowbound Combat Unit. Advertised on the back of the packeging is the Verses Red Weapons/Armory Pack 2, Verses Blue Weapons/Armory Pack 2, and a brand new Arctic Battlescape which was announced for release some time ago

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Series 5 Mystery Hero Packs Found

Thanks to Claudio Bmth Waley on Facebook, we now know that the Halo Packs of Series 5 is being released. This is just a started release so don't expect them to come to your area any time soon, could take over a month till they hit my stores. Once again, series 5 has 8 figures available, most likely 5 commons, 2 rares, 1 ultra rare 

Can't wait for their full release, Summer 2012 sets are just around the corner, click here for the page 

Thursday, 26 April 2012

New Boxed Photos Of Summer 2012 Sets

We are getting closer to the new Summer 2012 sets presented by Halo Mega Bloks, during which time, BadassToysforBadassBoys has posted new photos of the upcoming sets and their boxes, all of them up for Pre-Order 

UNSC Armory Pack 2 

Covenant Armory Pack 2 

UNSC Cobolt Combat Unit 

Covenant Silver Combat Unit 

Finally..... Brute Cheiftain Chopper (Brute Cheiftain Charge) 

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Halo: Helljumper Episode 2

Sorry we've been off, we we're dealing with technical difficulties with the blog

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Halo: Helljumper Episode 2 Release Date February 15th

The release date for Halo: Helljumper has been announced on the Facebook Page along with a new photo. The release is unkouwn at a certain time but the actual date is February 15th 2012. Please do catch up with Helljumper and check it the awesome first episode on Youtube right now 

Friday, 3 February 2012

Update: Sneak Peak For The Halo Mega Bloks At The German Toy Fair

Credit: CommanderBacara198 

Just a small minor update on the previously posted article (Click Here) but this time showing off the new upcoming Covenant Sereph set from Halo Mega Bloks 

Click the photo for a better view 

Thursday, 2 February 2012 Reveals Mcfarlane Toys Halo Anniversary Series 2 (Click Here) has posted new photos for their upcoming wave continuing their Halo Anniversary Line for this March. The Wave includes single figures Master Chief (The Package), Captain Jacob Keyes, Spartan Mark VI, (White/Blue), Sentinel & Guilty Spark, Mickey, As well as 3-Packed Box Set Spirit of Fire Red Team. Check it out for more 

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

News (January 25th 2012 - February 1st 2012)

Here is your weekly news article, this will be happening every week there is news to be said about Halo Toys and stuff. Stay tuned to the blog for more in the future 

1.26.12/ Halo: Helljumper Episode 1 

1.26.12/ Halo: Helljumper Episode 1 Short Review 

1.27.12/ Halo Mega Bloks Spring 2012 Armory Packs And Combat Units Video Review

1.31.12/ Mega Bloks: What's Your Favorite Fig In The Armory System

2.1.12/ Sneak Peak For The Halo Mega Bloks At The German Toy Fair 

2.1.12/ Halo Mega Bloks Halo Universe Wave 1 Up For Pre-Order At 

2.1.12/ More On The Halo Universe Line By Halo Mega Bloks 

Stay Tuned For More 


More On The Halo Universe Line By Halo Mega Bloks

Theres a couple of news I'd like to go over with you on the Halo Universe Line from Mega Bloks Halo. The Halo Universe Line is based on Halo Mega Bloks mini figures and sets, downsized, and in Diecast 

Credit: Asparkies From The Block Forum 

I was looking through some stuff at the Spartan Bloks Forum (Click Here) when I came across a larger and closer picture of one of the upcoming Spartans for the Halo Universe Line, the photo can be seen in the link  or in this article  

Credit: Nathaniel Reardon 

Nathan has posted a couple of pictures on the Facebook page (Link 1) (Link 2) of Halo Mega Bloks which can be seen in the links or below 

Halo Mega Bloks Halo Universe Wave 1 Up For Pre-Order At

Credit: (Click Here) has updated their website with the upcoming Halo Universe Line up for Pre-Order. 6 all new sets are up on the website ready for Pre-Ordering but the sets are to release for sometime in June 

Click the photos for a better and up close view