Sunday, 19 February 2012

Halo: Helljumper Episode 2

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Halo: Helljumper Episode 2 Release Date February 15th

The release date for Halo: Helljumper has been announced on the Facebook Page along with a new photo. The release is unkouwn at a certain time but the actual date is February 15th 2012. Please do catch up with Helljumper and check it the awesome first episode on Youtube right now 

Friday, 3 February 2012

Update: Sneak Peak For The Halo Mega Bloks At The German Toy Fair

Credit: CommanderBacara198 

Just a small minor update on the previously posted article (Click Here) but this time showing off the new upcoming Covenant Sereph set from Halo Mega Bloks 

Click the photo for a better view 

Thursday, 2 February 2012 Reveals Mcfarlane Toys Halo Anniversary Series 2 (Click Here) has posted new photos for their upcoming wave continuing their Halo Anniversary Line for this March. The Wave includes single figures Master Chief (The Package), Captain Jacob Keyes, Spartan Mark VI, (White/Blue), Sentinel & Guilty Spark, Mickey, As well as 3-Packed Box Set Spirit of Fire Red Team. Check it out for more 

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

News (January 25th 2012 - February 1st 2012)

Here is your weekly news article, this will be happening every week there is news to be said about Halo Toys and stuff. Stay tuned to the blog for more in the future 

1.26.12/ Halo: Helljumper Episode 1 

1.26.12/ Halo: Helljumper Episode 1 Short Review 

1.27.12/ Halo Mega Bloks Spring 2012 Armory Packs And Combat Units Video Review

1.31.12/ Mega Bloks: What's Your Favorite Fig In The Armory System

2.1.12/ Sneak Peak For The Halo Mega Bloks At The German Toy Fair 

2.1.12/ Halo Mega Bloks Halo Universe Wave 1 Up For Pre-Order At 

2.1.12/ More On The Halo Universe Line By Halo Mega Bloks 

Stay Tuned For More 


More On The Halo Universe Line By Halo Mega Bloks

Theres a couple of news I'd like to go over with you on the Halo Universe Line from Mega Bloks Halo. The Halo Universe Line is based on Halo Mega Bloks mini figures and sets, downsized, and in Diecast 

Credit: Asparkies From The Block Forum 

I was looking through some stuff at the Spartan Bloks Forum (Click Here) when I came across a larger and closer picture of one of the upcoming Spartans for the Halo Universe Line, the photo can be seen in the link  or in this article  

Credit: Nathaniel Reardon 

Nathan has posted a couple of pictures on the Facebook page (Link 1) (Link 2) of Halo Mega Bloks which can be seen in the links or below 

Halo Mega Bloks Halo Universe Wave 1 Up For Pre-Order At

Credit: (Click Here) has updated their website with the upcoming Halo Universe Line up for Pre-Order. 6 all new sets are up on the website ready for Pre-Ordering but the sets are to release for sometime in June 

Click the photos for a better and up close view 

Sneak Peak For The Halo Mega Bloks At The German Toy Fair

Credit goes to: Mega Bloks, Brad, Sparky, Jesse, Little Deino, and Michael Girvan 

The German Toy Fair is showcasing some of the new Halo Mega Bloks sets coming for later on this year with never before seen figures and adaptations to the prototypes we've seen earlier. Most of the photos can be seen on the Spartan Bloks forum (Click Here) but the Mega Bloks Blog (Click Here) also previewed their newest sets for the Diecast Halo Universe Line. If you'd like to look at the photos then scroll down. Check back with the Halo The Universe fan blog for updates and more 

If you need a better view of the photos, click them to see more details into the photo, also remember these are Prototypes and are yet to change as Halo Mega Bloks still can 

The Diecast Line Mega Bloks is calling "Halo Universe" offers a wide variety of re-adapted sets in a smaller, already built form, each set will come with fully detailed figures and even a Silver Edition figure for each set for Mega Bloks 

The Falcon, Wraith, and Warthog, are just a few of the vehicles coming out for the upcoming line, each with a Battlescape that can combine to form a super Battlescape for the Halo Universe 

The Upcoming UNSC Cobalt Combat Unit is 1 of the 2 known Combat Units for the Summer-Fall 2012 Toy Line, It comes with extra armor to create, mix, and match your Spartan figures 

The Upcoming UNSC Rhino is one of the larger sets to come out for Summer-Fall 2012, now you can see the set will probably some with a new Marine and Scout Spartan, along with a couple of Grunts and little display 

The Upcoming UNSC Sabre With Landing Pad, wow, just wow, this is amazing. Brad has said on the photos posted on Facebook that work is still being done on this set since it is a prototype of the set yet to release. Might I say that this is one of the sets at the top of my list to buy 

I just want to point out, if you look on the yellow stairs, it looks as though we're getting another new figure, in total this set should come with 6 new figures 

This set I didn't have high hopes for when it came to the Brute Chopper itself, but the Brute Cheiftain  Chopper looks fantastic now that I've got a clear view.

Last but not least, a look at some of the Upcoming Elite Molds new the Commando and the General coming soon and this looks fantastic, I think this is going to be a big year for Halo Mega Bloks