Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Mega Bloks Halo 97233 SPECIAL EDITION 20 Pack Revealed.....ish

Those sneaky guys with their Mega Bloks. If you've been lurking around the Facebook Page of Halo Mega Bloks you've probably already noticed the Mega Bloks Halo SPECIAL EDITION 20 Pack Revealed.....ish. Someone asked for a photo of the packaging for the 97205 Collector's Edition Pack after thy had posted photos of the set contents. Though behind it shows a little sneaky 20 Pack behind. This is the most amount of figures a set for Halo Mega Bloks has ever put out unless you count the individual Series 7 Mystery Packs together.

The set judging by it's packaging looks to be of a Toys'R'Us Exclusive as it has the same look of the box as does the Flood Hunters sets. As you can see, the set contains a Cyan Covenant Jump Pack Brute, and a Black UNSC Security Spartan. Not only that but from the lower part you can see a UNSC CQB Spartan, what looks to be like a UNSC Mark V[B] Spartan Reach Style, a UNSC EVA Spartan, the return of the UNSC Flame Marines, an Active Camo Figure, as well as a Combat Unit like stand but larger and with a new label. So that's only 7 figures we can see for the pack but it may be half Covenant, half UNSC. I wonder if this will mark the return of some other figures, I know the Hayabusa is retired, but I want to see a green version. Odd enough, the box shows the figures to be green yet comes with a Black UNSC Security Spartan. So what do you think?

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Possibly the Final Design #97174 UNSC Mammoth

If you've been lurking around Spartan Bloks or the Halo Collector's group on facebook, you probably had already seen this, what looks to be the Final Version of the UNSC Mammoth which is looking into release soon according to the Interview seen before. Now we can see that the box is so big it needs a handle on the top. Instead of the 6 figures said previously, it seems this set will come with four to five if you include the AI in which lights up like the Cortana version in the Forward Unto Dawn set.

On Toys'R' the sets regular price is $219.99. "The M510 Mammoth siegework has no equal in size, firepower, or tactical faculty within the UNSC's mobile planetside support contingent, making it one of the most powerful ground assets ever designed by humans. At roughly 70 meters in length and carrying numerous mounted support weapons and materiel caches, the M510's most significant attribute is its topside MAC, designed to target and eliminate hostile vessels, weapons, and even fortifications residing in terrestrial or even suborbital positions. Idea for kids ages 8 and up!"

So what do you think? Will you be getting it? Is it worth it?