Friday, 17 January 2014

Happy Master Chief Day

We're still dealing with problems on the blog but it's Master Chief Day, what is Master Chief Day and why is it today? Not sure what it is entirely, do we get a parade or something? Anyways, considering, oh wait. Warning, math incoming. January is the first month, and it's the 17th. 1 and 17 is 117 (or 18 but we aren't adding) and 117 is the number for Master Chief himself. So enjoy, play some Halo, and..... other..... stuff.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Mega Bloks Halo 2014 Oni ReapX UNSC Quad Walker Revealed!

All though we are experiencing technical difficulties with our blog and photos, we've uploaded a video to the channel Toa Of Ultimate Doom with the photos included. Photos will be posted if possible once the bugs are fixed.

It seems like Oni Reap X is at it again with the UNSC Quad Walker. This similarly looking vehicle to the Covenant Locust is just another set introduced to the Mega Bloks Oni Reap X line. However it seems to be the least fascinating to me. I mean sure the Covenant Fuel Rod Turret looks amazing, and the figures including a Gold Covenant Elite Storm and a tradition to the Oni Reap X line with red visor Blue UNSC Recon Spartan Halo 4.

But the Walker could've been better, as I'm not a fan of the reused cockpit from the Hornet though it's not bad to have, and the legs look off to me with the moving part that makes it look possible unstable, is that just me? I don't know maybe it's better in hand. The turrets look nice though, but the price is looking to be $50-60 as predicted on Spartan Bloks which by the way credit goes to Joe Mamma. Hopefully it's around $30-40 but it's not a horrible design, I just think it wasn't thought out as well but maybe it's better in hand.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy Birthday TheSSMotion!

Or anniversary or what ever you'd like to call it. Happy Birthday to the channel known as TheSSMotion. I have to write this post or else they wouldn't give me the UNSC Mammoth...... did I write that? Joking aside they've made some wonderful content mostly based on Halo and most of that from Mega Bloks.

This is the 2nd Birthday and well I guess we should all sing Happy Birthday. But then I'd look like a giant idiot because I would have no idea if anyone sung with me. Nonetheless, Happy Birthday to TheSSMotion. If you'd like to check out their content click the link here and you will find some awesome content which you may enjoy. Including a fast build of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn set by Mega Bloks Halo.

My TOP 10! Most wanted repaints for Mega Bloks Halo Figures

In the past, it has dawned on me that there were some Micro Action Figures by Mega Bloks that could make outstanding look paint-wise if they had a certain colour theme. (Example: UNSC Arctic/White EOD Spartan) So I'm taking a look into some of the molds from the past, and conjure up a list of my picks for repainted figures I personally would want to see manufactured.

Take note, I am not throwing in any expired/retired figures. Most notably the UNSC Hayabusa Spartan, other then that let us begin.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Mega Bloks Halo: 2013 Pros & Cons

Before you say this is an attack on Mega Bloks before I even start, it's not. Personally I feel I should make my say as to what Mega Bloks did good in 2013 and what they could do to improve for future years. There is very little to say what cons there is for the year of 2013. Lets get started.

#1 Upgrades.
Due to the release of Halo 4 and the newly designed vehicles, it seemed fitting to completely re-imagine the sets that had already came out and yet not make it feel as if it's just the same thing over and over again. For example, the UNSC Hornet has deeply improved since the 2009 version. Including more detail and a build to which the set pieces stick together well. Also the UNSC Night-Ops Gausshog has improved after the 2009-2010 Guasshog, which seems poorly made after the 2013 version by comparison.

#2 Micro Figures.
Not only do we get plenty of Halo 4 figures including Forerunner, but Flood carrier forms, and even a UNSC Security Spartan in case anyone thought Mega Bloks had forgotten some of the 'older' designs.

#3 Weapons.
Railgun, M6C Socam Pistol, new Needler, Grenade Launcher, Storm Rifle, Scattershot, Saw, DMR, Suppressor, Plasma Repeater, and more. WOW.

#1 Way to many UNSC.
I get that we should get some newly updated stuff after Halo 4, and we did get a Spectra, Vampire, Banshee, and a Turret for the Covenant, but that's sadly about it. I'm not saying the UNSC didn't have any cool sets, however, they just overwhelmed the line with Cyclops, a Mantis, Pelican, Gausshog, Hornet, a few Falcons, Cobra, and more. I just feel the line needed more Covenant because it is a war after all, and it just seemed that the UNSC had no problem for this years sets.

#2 Barely any new builds for any exclusive toys.
This isn't a huge con, but one I should address. I think the only thing brand new and never before seen was the Flood Carrier Forms. Other then that the Toy's R Us line up had a Hornet, Walmart had a Spade which is alright, and Target had no new molds. Just wish I could have seen a redesigned something. Though it's no big issue, if exclusives are just going to be repaints then I have no major issue as it brings verity to some of the older models.

#3 Quality.
Sadly it seems as if Mega is falling out of quality which has shown improvements before 2013. 2013 had plenty of problems with missing parts, and even some received broken or chipped most notably the Series 7 Mystery Packs.

Video by; Legojang/Jangbricks

Remember, Mega Bloks also has awesome customer service, be patient, and you can get replacements if you contact them by Facebook or their website.

Agree with the list? Let us know.