Saturday, 10 September 2011

Mega Bloks: Halo 10th Anniversary Collector's Series Toys R Us Exclusive #29769 Anniversary Edition: UNSC Spartan II Silver

Toywiz has newly added a very exclusive brand new toy, the Mega Bloks: Halo 10th Anniversary Collector's Series #29769 Anniversary Edition: Magnetic UNSC Mark VI Spartan II in Silver from Mega Bloks. this new toy ranges at a price of $22.99 on Toywiz but should retail for $12.99 at Toys R Us. No sightings have been reported but if you happen to go to Toys R Us and pass by it please let us know in the comments or post about it on or Facebook page. The toy has a completely unique packaging with Metallic finish silver Armour and a Metallic finish gold visor, also at the bottom it says its the 9th set to a sub series in Mega Bloks Halo

Update 1: I posted the photo on Facebook and someone said they all ready has about 2 of these sets, we will update you further in the future for more details, click here to see it  

Update 2: Some more sightings have been reported 

Check back for more news on this and plenty more, don't forget to comment, and check out this link to find out where I found it

My Note on this: I have bought previous molds but I would buy this for display and not really for playability. Because its with a magnetic arms, waste, and head (also center body piece) and not pegged on, it falls apart when playing with. I would buy it for the modeling purposes only but it's pretty cool 

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