Friday, 9 September 2011

Mega Bloks Halo The Authentic Collector's Series Limited Edition Cyan Spartan Review

Halo and Mega Bloks finally combined to make an awesome build able action figure toy line called, Mega Bloks Halo. Creating some of the most popular vehicles, characters, and weapons from big to small. The first wave of Mega Bloks Halo started a very interesting toy line bringing the imagination in adults and continuing in kids. Who will win is at the palm of your hand, you choose UNSC or Covenant. Halo's greatest toy line has begun.

Showing off for Collectors Common and Rare toys to buy including the Steel Spartan, Clear Flame Marine, and the Cyan Spartan; other then its exclusive colour, why is it that people enjoy these Halo Figures so much and want to get their hands on any toy involved with Mega Bloks Halo? Lets find out.

Packaging Front
The Packaging is almost as thin as one card pulled out of a deck of cards. A larger, cardboard box almost like the Mystery Packs. The artwork of the background behind The Exclusive Cyan Spartan with a very nice pose including the 2 Magnum Pistols. A very nice high quality CGI picture for this toy. The top left corner says the logo "Halo: The Authentic Collector's Series" instead of "Halo Wars" seen in previous toys, the advanced new title is for this new wave and continuing. The bottom left corner describe it is a "Limited Edition Spartan" as it is rare in the line. farther down at the bottom shows that their are only 4 parts estimated included with the set.

Packaging Back
The back promotes the Rocket Warthog, Wraith, Arctic Wolverine, Gremlin, The Gausshog VS The Covenant Locust, The Mongoose, and the Brute Chopper

Opening The Packaging: Opening the box or packaging is as easy as taking the tape off, lifting the tab, and pulling your new figure out.

The set includes 1 Camouflage brick in green, brown, and white with the number imprinted on the side, a 2X4 brick used to display your figure. 2 pistols small enough for the figure to hold are also included with the set, a very nice new weapon included with the Cyan Spartan.

The Cyan Spartan finally, when you open it up you are finally excited to receive your very exclusive Cyan Spartan, mainly of course if its your first. The Cyan Spartan is more blue than the picture describes, 12 points of articulation embedded in this very small toy. I personally have about two Cyan Spartans myself, I know only one person with about 3 Spartans in this exclusive colour of Cyan. Sculpted detail are not the only incredible thing but its noticeable paint details mainly on the chest itself, better to notice then in the Dark Green Spartans.

For kids this is fun to play with as they defeat the enemy, The Covenant, to victory. To Collectors, the toy is really something to brag about to you friends and for them to want to buy one themselves on eBay. With the pistols and block to display this figure will shine to your collection so much you will not stop getting these guys.

Fun, Collectible, and well detailed, Mega Bloks has really made a new style to their Series of toys, this could change toys as we know it, get it and you will have the ultimate fighters in your hands, This is Brian Johnson recommending this toy to anyone who wants it, the price might be high but it's worth it, a solid 10/10 with no regrets, Peace out!

Mega Bloks Halo The Authentic Collector's Series Limited Edition Cyan Spartan Review

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