Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Halo Battlescape Re-Release for 10th Anniversary Series and for Fall 2011

I was looking through for some gift idea's for something I'm working on when I passed by this new photo of the Halo Mega Bloks Battlescape set. For some reason the box had changed from the 2010 "Halo (The Authentic Collector's Series" black packaging to the newly updated 2011 "Halo (10th Anniversary Edition)" blue packaging. The Battlescape inside comes with everything that the February 2011 edition.

So I posted it on the Internet to share with the other fans of Halo Mega Bloks on Facebook to get their opinion, they seemed just as curious as I do about the up dative packaging. The next day Brad "Mega Bloks Halo on Facebook's admin" had this to say.....

"Yes, this is the new packaging for Fall 2011. A new "grass" version will be in stores Spring 2012."

 so we will see a re-released version of this sometime very soon. I also pointed out that the models on the side right next to the "Set 21" has the game version Mongoose and not the Mega Bloks Version, someone also pointed out the this seems to have 2 more pieces then the previouse model, but other then the box this is the same set as last time re-released. I can't wait to get this, I missed the last one cause I couldn't find it so mabye this one will be easier to find, let us know if you had spotted it  

Its set price on is $42.98  

Update: Better Quallity Photo 

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