Monday, 10 October 2011

Mega Bloks: First Photo of Versus: Battle Packs

Welcome back, sorry I have not taken any time with this blog in recent times, I have been to busy to even think about this blog but now we have returned. 

A fan on the Facebook Page for the official Mega Bloks and Halo has posted a new photo of a toy soon to come. Nathaniel, who posted the photo, gives credit to Sparky from the Bloks Forum. The toy is similar to the popular Mega Bloks Mystery "Hero" packs except these are for the new Versus "Red Vs. Blue" series and come with 2 Figures and Weapons, 2 Bricks, and the Collector's Sheet inside each package. The picture art on the front shows off a Red Team Combat Elite figure with Plasma Pistol, a Red Team ODST figure with Rifle, a Blue and Light Blue Fight Elite figure with Plasma Pistol, and Blue Team Marine figure with Rifle  

The toys packeging also says Limited Edition, the code to scan, #96975, prodect name Versus: Battle Pack. Please do tell us if you happen to spot this toy in a store near you, Collect all 4  

Facebook Photo

Nathaniel said he found it here


  1. Can't wait to buy them. Maybe I can use them in my next movie. Check my first one here

  2. Marc, That be awesome to see, Elizabeth, these are sure to come to Mexico soon, I'd love to get me some of these :D :D