Wednesday, 1 February 2012

News (January 25th 2012 - February 1st 2012)

Here is your weekly news article, this will be happening every week there is news to be said about Halo Toys and stuff. Stay tuned to the blog for more in the future 

1.26.12/ Halo: Helljumper Episode 1 

1.26.12/ Halo: Helljumper Episode 1 Short Review 

1.27.12/ Halo Mega Bloks Spring 2012 Armory Packs And Combat Units Video Review

1.31.12/ Mega Bloks: What's Your Favorite Fig In The Armory System

2.1.12/ Sneak Peak For The Halo Mega Bloks At The German Toy Fair 

2.1.12/ Halo Mega Bloks Halo Universe Wave 1 Up For Pre-Order At 

2.1.12/ More On The Halo Universe Line By Halo Mega Bloks 

Stay Tuned For More 


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