Friday, 9 November 2012

Mystery Packs Series 6 Revealled

Well if you haven't been collecting Series 5, hurry up before stores stock up on Series 6. Finally a look at Series 6 mini-figures, interesting enough, there's some brand new molds not released in previous Mystery Waves and one that exactly represents a Series 5.

The list as follows
Common: Covenant Copper Grunt
Common: Covenant Jackal
Rare: Covenant Cyan Combat Elite
Common: UNSC Cobalt EVA Spartan
Common: UNSC Desert Camo Marine
Common: UNSC Purple EOD Spartan
Rare: UNSC Yellow Mark 5[B] Spartan
Ultra Rare: UNSC Red Grenadier Spartan

Interesting enough, the Mark 5[B] Spartan is almost the exact same figure as my first Mcfarlane figure, even includes a Shot Gun but in any case I'll try and collect them

Credit to: Halo JoBob, The Bloks Forum, Tattycape Patchy III

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