Saturday, 30 November 2013

Halo Mega Bloks 2014 Micro Fleet Wave #1 sets revealed

Does the username Vanocean ring any bells? Well he's the guy from Spartan Bloks who seems to get his hands on 2014 sets early. A while ago he got a new Battle Unit and Ammo Pack now he has three of the Wave #1 or only Wave sets for the Micro-Fleet line. What's Micro-Fleet you ask? Well it seems to be a line much like the Lego Star Wars Mini's from at least what I can remember of them. It seems to be like their early stuff as you get two mini playsets some for different sides, some just for background of display.

Sets include:
#97270 Micro-Fleet Mantis Invasion
#97224 Micro-Fleet Hornet Assault
#97216 Micro-Fleet Warthog Attack

First we'll take a look at the Mantis Invasion. This one includes a well-put for this scale Desert Camo Mantis with what I think is a Shade Turret behind it. Included with a Bonus Figure and this one seems to be the only new deco for this figure, a Silver Mark VI Spartan with a brand new weapon. The Mantis looks well articulated and the head case much like the Plasma Dragon heads looks good. Hoping there's a little Die-Cast in it, if not, still a nice piece.

Next is the Hornet Assault. Included with this set is pretty much a down scaled version of the Hornet Attack released for the Target Exclusive Red Line. Basically, you get a Hornet, as well as a Covenant Sniper Tower, and a Red Spartan Bonus Figure in which has a Saw. Also a Red Helmet Case.

Last but not least, the Warthog Attack. Much like the Warthog Resistance this includes a Warthog which seems to be the Rocket Variant, a Forerunner Structure, a Master Chief, and a Green Helmet.

All looking really good, if you want, I have a video on them in the embed below.




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