Friday, 14 August 2015

Full Reboot | HTU is BACK!

Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to our newly rebooted Halo: The Universe, the unofficial blog focused on the universe you know in a smaller scale. Now if you didn't notice, there will be some changes to the overall blog.

1st: More opinions.
- I want to make this blog not just about news, but about my personal opinions on them, I mean it is a blog after all. Though you may have noticed that in the later years of this blog, I still want to continue to do that.

2nd: Contact us.
- It's not up as of the time I'm writing this, but the blog will soon have a 'Contact us' section in case you want to send in news or... you know... contact us.

3rd: Look.
- Ehh, I thought the old look for the blog wasn't that great, in my defense I didn't have the greatest tools to work with, so now I've made some epic changes to the blog and, personally, I think it works out much better.

Now I'm still working on stuff, so what you see may not be the final version of this latest update, stay tuned for news and more as they come... oh, also, one more thing...


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