Friday, 11 March 2016

Mega Bloks Halo Series FOXTROT Revealed

Already bored of series Delta? Want to see something new? How about a good look at the packaging for the upcoming Series Foxtrot, revealing all of the standard (No colored transparent) micro figures for the line-up. Some figures will be getting their first appearance in a mystery pack, as well, some will debut in 2016 all together. Although I might be incorrect on a few, the figures seem to include:
- Covenant Zealot Elite in orange
- UNSC Spartan II (Wars) in red
- Covenant Storm Grunt in white
- Covenant Drone in yellow
- UNSC Copperhead Spartan in Green (Finally not red)
- UNSC JFO Spartan in orange
- UNSC Aviator Spartan in blue
- UNSC Spartan II (Wars) in Active Camo - Ultra Rare

So what figures do you plan on getting? Comment and let us know. Thanks for reading. News credit to Max Carlton from Mega Bloks Worldwide.


  1. I tried making my own Spartan Mark V, using the old Mark IV head and new articulation Mark V body from Halo Reach, and painting them the same colour. Now, we have an official version of that, with the best and, in my opinion, most iconic weapon in the game! Can't wait! (although, in the UK, we don't have Series Echo yet, and Delta's only just come out)


    1. I know how you feel, Delta only just showed up her too. But good luck on your hunt.