Saturday, 15 October 2011

Halo Mega Bloks #96937 EVA’s Last Stand Review

#96937 EVA’s Last Stand 

After a squad gets killed off by a Covenant force, one Spartan escapes the fight after seeing his allies fall. He soon realises he’s being followed by two Hunters, some of the most dangerous Covenant warriors. The EVA Spartan knows he must make his heroic stand and finds a battle damaged Warthog. As the Covenant finally has the upper hand the EVA uses the turret on the Warthog to make his last stand. 

EVA’s Last Stand comes with an EVA Spartan with Rifle, 2 fully updated Hunters, and destroyed Warthog. The first Green EVA Spartan comes with new rounded off shoulders, a completely unique chest piece, and the EVA helmet itself. The texture of the Green is much brighter then the classic and common Spartan II figure, the body is fairly accurate with amazing details, and the head looks similar to the Flame Marine but is actually more different once you’ve actually compare the two. With 12 points of articulation alone in this figure and the black rifle that can be used for display, this figure is not bad at all. 

If you remember, the Hunters were sort of tricky to collect. They were only in retail in the #96833 Wolverine and #96852 Arctic Wolverine set, both in purple. For around $40 to get just one hunter from those two sets it wasn’t all to easy compared to other sets. Now, it’s much easier to purchase since in this set, it comes with two Hunters, easier price, and their painted and molded to look more like their full game version. With 10 points of articulation, lots of detail, nice shields and Armour, and a newly designed, complex gun for each hunter. 

Now the Battle Damaged Warthog. I like how the spread a bunch of random parts on the Landmass to simulate the torn Armour for the battle damage. What’s cool about this is if you collected the Rockethog Vs. Anti Aircraft Gun battle set and take the wheels off the Rockethog, take some of the torn off parts, and you can make a fully functioning Desert Camo Warthog for yourself. Not only that, you can take the Rockethog and place it on the landmass. Spread a few torn parts lying around, and you can make a Battle Damage Rockethog. 

The turret is supposed to look similar to the First Warthog Mega Bloks created with the Machine gun mount. Its completely unique and redesigned to look better to simulate its gaming appearance from Halo. It does have two handles and a little circular dish on the bottom to display your EVA Spartan battling it out with the Hunters and making his stand. 

Decide for yourself who will win this close battle with the new EVA’s Last Stand. Make your own scenes and play as the Hunters or EVA, or ask friends to play along. Or you can take the battle larger and display it with your Halo and or Mega Bloks collection. Average Price: $30, Set Number: #96937, Building: 1 being the easiest, 10 being hard, 6/10, Parts total: 169, Total Overall: 1 being the worst, 10 being the best, 8/10  

Check out this video of the toy posted by SMUTOYS  

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