Friday, 14 October 2011

Halo Mega Bloks: Official CGI Product Image Of Covenant Drop Pod Elite Zealot

Finally, an official product photo of one of the full Covenant Drop Pods sets featuring the Golden Elite Zealot with Needler, Rifle, and Grenade as shown in the picture, as well as the Covenant Drop Pod itself in purple (With details) and a 6x4 plate.

Personally, I loved the ODST ones and have successfully collected them all, now I can't wait to start collecting these. There should be 2-3 Elite Drop Pod coming to shelves soon with a Flood Pod in the first wave. Ultra Elite and Arctic Elite has been mentioned and some what shown up on the Internet, the Zealot with the other Drop Pods have been seen in the instructions sheets from the latest Halo Sets, but not full product view.  

To check out the source or for more, click the links below

Expected retail price for $12.99 each, we will let you know when it releases in stores.

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