Saturday, 5 November 2011

Halo Mega Bloks: Covenant Drop Pods Releasing

 The Covenant drop pods we're seen as prototype's displayed at the Toy Fair 2011 with plenty of other stuff from Halo and Mega Bloks, since then, the Covenant Drop Pods have been at the top of some fans wish list. Now after months of waiting, the Covenant Drop Pods have been spotted 

These photos were actually taken on facebook on October 28th 2011 but unfortunately we accidental skipped them, we will do our best not to fail again. 

The one Drop Pod includes the Golden Zealot Elite, which comes with a brand new Needler, Rifle, and Grenades. The other Drop Pod includes Plasma Pistol, Energy Sword, and Fuel Rod Gun. Both with the Drop Pods of course 

Good Luck and happy hunting 

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