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My TOP 10! Most wanted repaints for Mega Bloks Halo Figures

In the past, it has dawned on me that there were some Micro Action Figures by Mega Bloks that could make outstanding look paint-wise if they had a certain colour theme. (Example: UNSC Arctic/White EOD Spartan) So I'm taking a look into some of the molds from the past, and conjure up a list of my picks for repainted figures I personally would want to see manufactured.

Take note, I am not throwing in any expired/retired figures. Most notably the UNSC Hayabusa Spartan, other then that let us begin.

#10 Covenant Active Camo Zealot Elite

Starting off, is the menacing looking Zealot Elite which always looks imposing. Even when invisible to the untrained eye, a presence of this kind of soldier brings chills to anyone. So why so low on the list? Well because Mega Bloks is basically already producing the figure. So why put it on the list? Well I would like to see just the common Active Camo in the clear form for this figure, not to say anything bad about it's smoky-brown counterpart.

#9 Covenant Green Combat Elite

Although some of you may disagree, whether it's putting a commonly UNSC used colour on to a Covenant figure, or you may not like the colour as it's too traditional, maybe it's because we've kind of already seen this one too in Series 1. But that was back in the days of the old (Halo Wars) Elites, and I personally think that the Combat Elites are completely and utterly more imposing then the traditional Elites of 2009. It's a personal taste, so hate if you choose to.

#8 UNSC Red Warrior Spartan

Maybe this isn't a choice that would first come to mind, some say this is a little bit random. But it's a figure that could work. Some people may not like the Warrior Spartan but I really do since I first saw it I believe. And I do think that red would be a great colour scheme for this mold, just use your imagination.

#7 UNSC Orange Spartan (Halo 4)

This could be seen as another random figure, and in some ways, it kind of is. It's not a figure that I don't think again a lot of people would choose from. But hey it's my list, I can choose anything I want to. Anyways I'm mostly just curious as to how the Orange colour would look on this figure. The current Halo 4 Spartans, some, are painted using the original colours of the first UNSC Figures ever using Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, and upcoming is the Purple much like an updated version of the Series 2 Mystery Pack figure. All we need is Arctic/White and I believe Orange is right around the corner.

#6 UNSC Red Hazop Spartan

Taking a note from Series 6, I personally think that a red Hazop would do wonders. Think about it, if you have the Red Grenadier and enjoy it you probably would consider a red Hazop. Why not right? I mean it's a nice colour if Mega Bloks chooses to go that route, and a not bad looking figure to go with it.

#5 UNSC Pink Spartan

Either way you look at it, if you want it for the traditional one which I'm talking about, or the Halo 4 variant, pink might actually be a cool colour to bring back. It worked for the UNSC Hayabusa and UNSC Air Assault, why not? Some of you may think it's too girly of a colour, but it might give a figure a light charm to it.

#4 UNSC Orange Scout Spartan (Halo 4)

Another orange figure and on another orange Halo 4 design. I know I said it would be an experimental colour but if I had to choose another mold for the colour it would be the Scout. I really enjoyed the UNSC Orange Combat Unit and still continue to think that it's one of the best colours for a Scout. So if they want to expand, Scout seems like a good choice.

#3 UNSC Brown Spartan

Again either way, old or new, blah, blah, blah. Come on, it's a colour that's so ever rarely seen. Why not bring back a good colour into the line? It worked very well in the line and I still say it's a colour that needs to be in more often. So please give us a Not Lopez. (Red Vs. Blue)

#2 UNSC Orange ODST

A color I feel could work really well with this colour and is just yet to happen. I'm so glad that there is a new line of ODST figures for 2014 and I hope that it's not the only wave of Drop Pod Metallic Series Sets to release. If the figure has the helmet with the teeth details on the helmet that would be just amazing.

#1 UNSC Arctic EVA Spartan

If you caught the Red Vs Blue reference earlier, you probably caught on by now. I know we have an arctic Flame Marine but wouldn't it be incredible to see such an amazing design with this arctic look? I strongly believe that it would make a fine figure.

What's your list? Do you agree? Let us know.

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  1. Outstanding post! #8 & #10 seem... inevitable. Where as the likelihood of #4 & #5 may require MEGA BRANDS to branch out with a "Retro-spin off" line of only HALO WARS era sets and figures. (HALO:CLASSICS ?) Say, Two lines of Blind packs. One set: "HALO 5-ish" and the other "HALO WARS:ODST"