Monday, 14 November 2011

More About Halo Helljumper

Halo Helljumper is an incredibly unique and developed series that will take you to an unimaginable world of chaos and war. Helljumper is an unofficial series based on the ever-growing popular game franchise called Halo. The series will take us through the life of an ODST warrior from before the Covenant-Human war up to the fall of Reach, but the universe of Halo is more then just shooting the bad guys. This series will take you to the extraordinary universe full of devastation, grief, affection, but more importantly.... hope. 

The series is directed by Dan Wang, who really imagined what many others couldn't in the devastating world of the Halo universe. The series will air the Pilot Episode January 2012 

"It's more then just dirt, it's our dirt"  

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