Friday, 16 December 2011

UNSC Spade Vs Skirmisher Set Box Photo Revealled

Badasstoysforbadassboys recently updated their page for the new photo of the 2012 Mega Bloks Halo The Authentic Collector's Series #96981 UNSC Spade Vs Skirmisher Box. The box features the entire set displayed with the set fully built with about 204 pieces, a green spartan on the side, 10th Anniversary blue banner, and the new Armory Build & Customise logo. The set will include a Halo Reach version spartan at least similar to Jorge, a Halo Reach style and color Marine, and a brand new Covenant Skirmisher, also includes a create and UNSC Spade Vehicle as well as a ton of weapons. Check your local store soon

Update Part 1: A photo of the back of the packaging has also appeared on the internet. The back shows off the gimmicks including the moving parts, the Armory gimmick new to and for the line of Mega Bloks, and the crate with the extra amor inside. Also shows off the full set, the mini-figs, stats, and the advertisement showing off the brand new Armory packs for the UNSC Desert Figures with the Spartan II or new EOD, The Covenant Armory Pack featuring a Acidic Elite, UNSC Desert Combat Unit with the EVA, CQB or I believe Scout as well as 2 Marines, and Covenant Turret 

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