Sunday, 18 December 2011

Prototype UNSC Vulcan Vs Covenant Revenant: Will We Be Getting This, Or Not?

Recently, a fan on the Official Facebook Page posted a photo of what looks to be a brand new 2012 set at first glance, but it' still being discuss as I'm told if its a concept of the Covenant Revenant with Bubbleshield or an exclusive set similar to the Covenant Strike set sold previously 

Personally, I think it's a brand new set exclusive to a certain store coming later on in early 2012. Discuss it below on HaloTheUniverse if you think it will become a worldwide release, exclusive, or scrap like the UNSC Landing Pad 

The box art of the photo shows the Covenant Revenant slightly redesigned, the all new UNSC Vulcan never seen before, and 3 mini-figs 2 Covenant Elites and 1 Spartan. I believe myself once the set is fully finished it will be exclusive to Wal-Mart stores worldwide and will line up with the Covenant Strike released in 2011 also a Wal-Mart exclusive 

And tune in for more Halo Mega Bloks and other Halo news. Remember this is a prototype so some information isn't correct 


  1. I personally belive it is a phony someone made up, here's why. If u look at the bottom corner of the packaging, it shows the minifig roster to ANOTHER halo set. So I believe it is a well photoshopped image

    1. Halo Mega Bloks has been doing that for years too when it comes to their prototypes, I've seen it happen all the time, it's not a phony