Friday, 17 August 2012

First 2013 Mega Bloks Halo sets announced thanks to BAT4BAB

One of the sites we advertised on the Halo The Universe Blog has issued new listings for upcoming 2013 set for Mega Bloks Halo. There's a few Combat Units, Drop Pods some that we're issued for 2012 but has been pushed back to 2013, and plenty of other sets. A few are TBA and some don't have the price listed but that's ok for now. Keep in mind that these sets can still be pulled back from any release and changes will be made. You can Pre-Order the available sets on September 1st 2012. The sets are........

Click here to see them and consider Pre-Ordering them on BAT4BAB 

Halo Mega Bloks: #97037 UNSC Ammo Pack, Price: $TBA
Halo Mega Bloks: #97083 UNSC Orange Combat Unit: $11.77
Halo Mega Bloks: #97083 Covenant Cobalt Combat Unit: $11.77
Halo Mega Bloks: #97088 UNSC Cryo Bay Set: $11.77
Halo Mega Bloks: #97074 Arctic Covenant Drop Pod: $12.95
Halo Mega Bloks: #97075 Flood Pod Set: $12.95
Halo Mega Bloks: #97105 ODST Recon Specialist Set: $15.95
Halo Mega Bloks: #97106 Covenant Crimson Drop Pod: Elite General: $15.95
Halo Mega Bloks: #97110 Covenant Spectre Ambush: $19.99
Halo Mega Bloks: #97115 UNSC Set [TBA]: $29.99
Halo Mega Bloks: #97118 [TBA] Set #97118: $42.95
Halo Mega Bloks: #96978 Series 6 M.A.F. Mystery Pack [1 Random Figure]: Multi

Notes: Two sets have the same number and one is most likely to change. Also the Flood Pod will most likely be different than the previous one released, what do you think?

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