Thursday, 22 August 2013

It's hard for me to get the Grey Spartan, yet, that's kind of cool

For some odd reason, the Halo Fest CE Warthog doesn't bother me, the AC Spartan from 2009 doesn't bother me, nor do any other rare figure I'm not able to get my hands on. So with that said, personally, I don't know why the grey with green visor Spartan based on the Halo 4 design has been said my ultimate want?

For those just thinking I'm just complaining that I want it like a 5 year old wants candy, I just have this feeling to write about it. And no, I'm not on my knees for this figure. But I have no idea why I feel this is going to be a goal for me to snag.

Maybe it looks almost Night Ops with the Green visor, I really have no idea. But that's also what I like, because it's cool that other people will not have the same collection most likely that I will, and it makes other peoples collection far more interesting. I'm not saying someone buy it for me at all. I'm saying, that's just another thing you gotta love about Halo, always keeping your interest even when looking at other peoples collection.

So this leads me to ask, what figures are you so hoping to go after? Why? and what you think of the Grey and Green Visor Spartan because I still have no idea why I like it so much?

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