Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Interview with Tim at Mega Bloks: The future of Halo

Thanks to Tim from Mega Bloks, creators of such toys in block form including Halo, we were able to get a brief interview with him for some of the future possibilities for new and upcoming models. This was his reply

"I thought there were a lot more questions than there actually were. I can handle 8 no problem, so here goes!'

1. First question, now I'd like to say congrats for the 5 years of Halo and Mega Bloks. Now with 2014 coming up, I understand you guys may not yet reveal everything, but I hope to get a few questions at least hinted. If a question is not able to be answered that would be perfectly fine. With that said, are we going to continue to see the 'lights and sounds' gimmick for 2014?

A) "Thanks! Lights & Sounds is definitely not going to be retired after this season, but next season won't necessarily use it to such an extent."

  2. 2012 had figures with interchangeable armor. 2013 has lights and sounds. Will 2014 have something completely new to offer as a 'theme?'

A) "Good question - it may! I've only seen some hints of what's to come this Spring but we're still too early in the process to say with any certainty what's to come."

3. With 2014 on it's way, how will the Mega Bloks team continue our interest for next year?

A) "Well 2014 will see at least one new game, so that'll help. Each year we work more and more closely with 343 on developing new stuff. And with such a huge universe to use as source material, there's so much room for creating awesome toys."

4. With the arrival of Halo 5, is new things going to be introduced for the later years?

A) "Yes. definitely."

 5. 1) Will ONI REAP-X continue for future results?

A) "Yes. Definitely."

5. 2) What is ONI REAP-X, and will we see the sets in anyfuture games?

A) "The Reap-X dept of ONI is was developed by 343 - they are basically equipment and vehicle developers. They are considered canon, so could definitely show up in future official games and other releases. Super-tease: keep an eye out for our next toymation - further development of the concept could play a role."

6. Does the Mega Bloks team enjoy their work with Halo, creating sets from this large world?

A) "Love it. More than any other line we are currently selling. The universe is so incredibly compelling - that helps so much."

7. How will Mega Bloks make their production models more higher in quality?

A) "We think considering the price of our sets, that the quality is great. Considering where we were 10 years ago, our quality has increased exponentially and we are always making minor tweaks to improve quality of product and quality of experience."

8. Are we going to see the UNSC Mammoth hit shelves at any time or will it continue as an unreleased toy? If the release is so, can you share some details of the model?

A) "Yes. Our Signature Series set is usually the last one to come out in the season. (think November). Haven't officially named this year's signature series this year, but we will soon!"

Tim at Mega"

Awesome to hear that the ONI REAP-X line has only started, and as well confirmation of the Mammoths actual release. Thank you Tim and everyone at Mega Bloks

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