Monday, 19 August 2013

Mega Bloks 2013 Lights and Sounds, good, or bad?

Hello guys welcome back. Now as you may have heard, some of the 2013's 'The Forerunner Threat' larger fall sets contains a Lights and Sounds gimmick. With that said, it's sadly easy to criticise what's to fault with this concept for these toys. Lets go over a few and think, is the overall design and overall idea a bad choice to make?

Well first to note, price. Given the fact that the mechanics as well as the amount and what parts are being used, the overall gimmick would raise the price of the toys. Most notably, in the new Night Ops Gausshog, all that seems to be included is one Warthog, and three figures, but no extra model for either backdrop or for the villain to defend himself with.

Now you can fight with me that the Knight Lancer contains more plastic (and even a metal pin) then other ordinary figures. Not only that, another Warthog came out with just two figures, no villain, no other extra model, nothing. It just seems like I'm not getting my moneys worth for what bricks can so easily replace.

Second, how the lights and sounds work on some of these sets. So lets go over some of the design choices for a few of the sets. In some toys like Transformers, they include either one version of Lights and Sounds or either cycles into maybe 4 other sounds. I can tell you, I absolutely HATE when you have to cycle through for one sound. The Night Ops Gausshog is a great example, after the 'Revved up' Sound, the Night Ops Gausshog cycles through four sets of sounds.

It bothers me because if I just want the sound of the Gauss Turret firing at Covenant forces, I have to go through about two to three other sounds. I get it though, the modifications for four sets of buttons would raise the price, but if it was my choice between one Sound or four to Cycle, I would have just the one. However, my eye for the best Lights and Sounds gimmick has to be for the UNSC Cobra.

So was it a bad idea? I don't think it was terrible but if they wish to continue, I would say that the idea needs some tweaking. I'm not saying they're all bad, Pelican's not bad, Hornet seems like fun, Cobra seems like it'll entertain me for hours, and the Warthog. While it is sort of a miss it does have some realistic sounds. A lot of people are stating that it makes the sets look more like toys, but aren't they? I mean sure Mega Bloks had a very nice Authentic model series, but you can't escape the fact that kids will buy them and play with them for hours. I don't know about you, but that Cobra seems very tempting. Hit or miss, it's all up to you

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