Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Mega Bloks Halo 2014 Oni ReapX UNSC Quad Walker Revealed!

All though we are experiencing technical difficulties with our blog and photos, we've uploaded a video to the channel Toa Of Ultimate Doom with the photos included. Photos will be posted if possible once the bugs are fixed.

It seems like Oni Reap X is at it again with the UNSC Quad Walker. This similarly looking vehicle to the Covenant Locust is just another set introduced to the Mega Bloks Oni Reap X line. However it seems to be the least fascinating to me. I mean sure the Covenant Fuel Rod Turret looks amazing, and the figures including a Gold Covenant Elite Storm and a tradition to the Oni Reap X line with red visor Blue UNSC Recon Spartan Halo 4.

But the Walker could've been better, as I'm not a fan of the reused cockpit from the Hornet though it's not bad to have, and the legs look off to me with the moving part that makes it look possible unstable, is that just me? I don't know maybe it's better in hand. The turrets look nice though, but the price is looking to be $50-60 as predicted on Spartan Bloks which by the way credit goes to Joe Mamma. Hopefully it's around $30-40 but it's not a horrible design, I just think it wasn't thought out as well but maybe it's better in hand.

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