Saturday, 14 December 2013

Halo Mega Bloks #96978 SERIES 8 Revealed

Anyone remember just recently when Mega dropped a hint of the Series 8 Mystery Packs? Well thanks to Josh S. on a Facebook Group, 'MBC - Mega Bloks Collectors' we finally get to see the full list (Except maybe a few translucent or any other form of extras) of the Series 8 Mystery Packs in this one photo. Just as said between the lines of the hint dropped, Forerunner figures including the Crawler, is listed for the line up. This line does go back to 8 figures among the main line of it rather then the previous 16, but I feel it just makes things a little easier. Here is the list from what we can tell.

- ULTRA RARE Covert Ops UNSC Spartan Soldier
- Purple UNSC Spartan (Halo 4 Edition)
- Green UNSC Spartan Operator
- Orange UNSC Hazop Spartan
- RARE Yellow/Gold UNSC Air-Assault Spartan

- Crimson Covenant Storm Elite
- RARE Active Camo Brown Covenant Zealot Elite

- RARE Blue Forerunner Watcher
- Blue Forerunner Crawler

Expecting to buy a few? Me personally, I'm not a huge fan of this wave, but it's decent enough.

Update: Philipve98 posted a video with a better description and look at the figures. And Avengersrule2002 posted photos which you can find on eBay.

Update 2: CODES
I just happened to notice a few codes seen in the photos.
- RARE Blue Forerunner Watcher A09103MM
- RARE Yellow/Gold UNSC Air-Assault Spartan A08103MM

Fun Fact: This is the first Series to be introduced with NO Marines in the line. Series 1-7 all have UNSC Marines included.

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