Sunday, 15 December 2013

TOP 5! Mega Bloks Halo sets for the Holidays 2013

So the Holidays are almost here, and I think it's time to do a Top 5 Holiday list for anyone looking for something on a special occasion. Check out the list and see if you agree with our choices.

In case you are wondering, we are NOT! including the UNSC Mammoth as it may be too expensive for some, however, it would be high on our list. Please know this isn't really a list for collector's but the kids who are really into the line.

#5 Cauldron Clash


A major playset featuring multiple figures. If you want to start off your Forerunner collection this is the set to start off with. Featuring four Forerunner figures and a display piece with so many play features. Usual price is about $40-60

#4 UNSC Anti-Armor Cobra


Speaking of play features, the UNSC Anti-Armor Cobra is chalk-full of playability other toys dream about. Included is a nice transformation sequence, and probably the best Lights and Sounds feature that still incorporates the fun of building. Usual price is about $50

#3 UNSC Mantis

Although one Spartan is included, you can say that the rest of the set minus the base is an action figure of it's own. Incorporating the fierceness of the UNSC Mantis with a nice UNSC Spartan. Fit for battle with loads of firepower and the ability to crush enemies with ease in a single stomp. Usual price is about $35-40

#2 UNSC Pelican Gunship

Easy space travel is no worry with this monster of a vehicle, the Pelican is used to transport troops while keeping them safe in heavy armor. Featuring Lights and Sounds on the Forerunner figure and the UNSC Pelican Gunship, and multiple little moving parts allowing you to see more detail including a weapons rack. Also included with some of the extra parts is the ability to transport various vehicles into the battlefield. Usual price is around $100

#1 UNSC Hornet vs. Covenant Vampire

Incorporating the UNSC and Covenant firepower to even the odds creating a fair fight. You can easily choose your side. For the Covenant you have a nicely designed Vampire built to stay together, and three figures ready to attack as well as armed for the fight. Also the UNSC includes a powerful Hornet with Lights and Sounds motion as it swings around while being easy to maneuver, and three UNSC Spartans ready to take on the challenge. Usual price is around $70

I hope this has helped someone out, give us your thoughts, what's your list?

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