Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Series 8 Tranclucent Recruit Spartan Found!

Yep, another Series 8 Mystery figure has been revealed, take a look at the Translucent Green UNSC Recruit Spartan in all it's glory. This means unlike Series 5 and 6, the Translucent Rare Figures will be much like Series 7, to where the figures are not the same mold. Last Translucent Figure revealed for the line was a Translucent Brown Covenant Zealot Elite. Not only do we see this with a Crimson Covenant Storm Elite, but the code for both is revealed. Credit goes to Josh S.

Code for the Active Camo with Elite is A21103MM.

FUN FACT, this is the first Translucent/Active Camo Scattershot seen.

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  1. Freaking awesome, I just hope I can get the Translucent ones in this series...