Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Mega Bloks Halo #97262 UNSC Infinity Armor Bay Revealed and more

With a news credit to BAToys4BABoys and TheSSMotion, we can see a brand new set for the release of the upcoming year (Maybe earlier) and yes we are talking about the UNSC Infinity Armor Bay.

As previously seen, we now get the name of a set seen from the back of some of the back of other 2013 sets advertised. The Mega Bloks Halo #97213 Rapid Attack Covenant Ghost. Which includes a UNSC Spartan Recruit with Spartan Laser, a Covenant Zealot Elite with an Energy Sward, and the Covenant Ghost itself.

Now for the really interesting stuff. The Infinity Armor Bay includes a Technician, a UNSC Spartan Recon most likely Halo 4 Edition with an EXCLUSIVE SKIN, multiple weapons, and the Armor Bay itself. Just like the UNSC Cryo Bay, it seems very simply built using nothing much of what we haven't seen before. Personally I wish it was a little more complex, although the mechanical arms look cool, but hopefully it's at a good price which might be around $20. In saying that what do you think? Is it a good buy? Let us know. And could this mean the actual Infinity is just around the corner? What do you think?

Product Summary thanks to BAToys4BABoys
Rapid Attack Covenant Ghost
The Type-32 RAV “Ghost” is the Covenant’s primary recon and rapid strike vehicle. Armed with twin plasma cannons, it travels at very high speeds over any terrain via its boosted-gravity propulsion drive.

UNSC Infinity Armor Bay
Intel is needed on a new Covenant target. The UNSC Spartan enters the UNSC Infinity Armor Bay and is fitted with MJOLNIR Recon armor by the UNSC Technician on staff. Suited in new armor skin, the Spartan steps off the platform ready for combat!

You can purchase them separately or buy them in a bundle from BAToys4BABoys. Click here to learn more.

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