Sunday, 1 December 2013

TheSSMotions Xmas Halofest Voting Begins!

Have you noticed a lack of Halofest this year? Thanks to TheSSMotion and Mega Bloks/Mega Brands, a new Halofest has begun and the voting is already in progress at the time this was first posted. The contest reveals 24 entries all by other people uploaded and/or re-uploaded for anyone wishing to win. The top 10 will receive the Grey Spartan with a Green Visor most notably known as the SDCC 2013 Spartan, 3rd will receive a 2013 UNSC Anti-Armored Cobra, 2nd will receive a 2013 UNSC Pelican Gunship, and 1st will receive a 2013 UNSC Mammoth. Check out the playlist as well as a link to the videos, remember Likes count as votes but Dislikes will not affect the videos vote count.

In case you are wondering, I have entered the contest and if you'd like to vote for it click this link below
ENTRY: The 10 rules of a Halo Christmas. Brian Johnson.

All the other entries which shouldn't be hated and is worth checking out. UPDATE, a few have been added.
ENTRY: Goodbye Father Christmas. Fraser Lupton-Pike.
ENTRY: Merry Christmas From The Covenant. Sir Marsh.
ENTRY: Chronicles of Halo: The Christmas Adventure. Samuel Furby.
ENTRY: Who stole Christmas. Blok Movies.
ENTRY: What is Christmas About? Philip Zhu.
ENTRY: Codename Christmas Present. Thomas Fisherden.
ENTRY: The Master Chief's First Christmas. Simon Evans-Jones.
ENTRY: Spartan Claus vs Arbigrinch. Sebastian Borunda.
ENTRY: Risk Team. Snowmenofwhipcream.
ENTRY: Spartan Christmas. Copestake Roberts.
ENTRY: Xmas Animation. Matthew Halls.
ENTRY: Kidnapping, Celebrations And Love. Lucas Salmons
ENTRY: A Halo Toy Story. Joseph Haddock.
ENTRY: Stop-Frame Animation. Craig Clarkstone.
ENTRY: Operation Christmas. Kunick Lee.
ENTRY: Halo Xmas Stop Motion. Samurai5653.
ENTRY: Especial de navidad. Luis Rojas.
ENTRY: Halo Christmas Toymation. Thomas Raleigh.
ENTRY: Halo Christmas Tree. Christopher Vellner.
ENTRY: Christmas Is Coming. Matty Vickers.
ENTRY: F2F Special Meh-ry Christmas! Andrew Gagnon.
ENTRY: A Christmas Story. Angel Soni.
ENTRY: A Christmas Stop Motion. Justin Levey.
Entry: The ODST's Christmas Handbook. Nathan S Graham-Lowery.
ENTRY: Christmas On Requiem. Matthew Raleigh.

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