Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Are you a Mega Bloks fan? In the UK area? Do you enjoy the company of other Mega Bloks fans? If you said 'yes' to all three of those questions, Bloksfest is the place to be! Hosted by the members of TheSSmotion, Bloksfest is an event for collector's to hang out, purchase products, and what not. For info, ticket sales, and more, click here for the site.

"BloksFest is a yearly gaming and brick convention hosted in the UK. Entering its third year the event has seen massive success, transforming itself from a first year attendance of 98 to a third year attendance of a huge 500 people. With the next year coming around fast, the event is looking to be the best, and final yet. 

 As the game of life gets played times are moving on. With huge commitments in everyones lives coming this September, we are proudly, and gracefully running the final event. BloksFest2016. 

The convention is run and organised by a dedicated group of friends and colleagues who share a passion for gaming and a love for the community.   

Starting out as a convention to celebrate the video game Halo, a multibillion dollar franchise through the spin-off product Halo Mega Bloks, the event has seen drastic transformation, now catering to franchises Call of Duty and Assassins Creed and providing a cult gaming expo, showcasing gaming products of all shapes and sizes and running huge video game tournaments with fantastic prizes.  

The event is a true tribute to what a community can acheive, being organised and ran by friends across the UK.  

Come join us as we celebrate the fourth and final." - Websites `About` page.

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