Thursday, 17 March 2016

Mega Bloks HALO: 2016 Brand New Spade & Wraith REVEALED! Plus Packages and Gimmicks

It seems the Summer 2016 sets are coming so fast. Just when you thought we could catch our breath, Toywiz reveals new images of some of the sets packages front to back, as well, get our first look at a couple new ones never-before-seen to the public eye. Check out the images below for more.

News tip credit: Kevin Hurd

- UNSC Jackrabbit Blitz | Listed price: $14.99

Set includes a newly-molded figure, UNSC Spartan Douglas-042, the UNSC Jackrabbit, two pistols, and a new figure stand. Set based on the upcoming Halo: Wars 2 game. Click here for Toywiz link.

 - UNSC Spade Rush | Listed price: $25.99

Set includes two figures, a UNSC Spartan EVA, and UNSC Spartan Operator, a camo-colored UNSC Spade, Spartan Laser, Assault Rifle, Missile Pod, (No confirmation if the set will include handles for disconnection.) and two new figure stands. Click here for Toywiz link.

- Brute Chopper Raid | Listed price: $29.99

Set includes two figures, the final Noble Six figure to be released, UNSC Spartan Kat, Covenant Brute Captain, a newly-built Covenant Brute Chopper, UNSC Bubbleshield, Pistol, Brute Mauler, and two figure stands. Click here for Toywiz link.

- Duel Mode UNSC Warthog | Listed price: $44.99

Set includes two Spartans, the new UNSC Spartan War Hammer, and a UNSC Spartan Hermes, UNSC Warthog, UNSC Hydra Launcher, Pistol, and two figure stands. Set also include alternative add-ons, and the option of a Gauss-Turret, or Rocket-Launcher. Click here for Toywiz link.

- Covenant Wraith Ambush | Listed price: $71.99

Set includes three figures total, UNSC Spartan Helljumper, Covenant Elite Commander, and Covenant Elite Storm, Covenant Wraith with launching missile, Weapon Pod, Energy Sword, Storm Rifle, Saw, Target Locator, Missile Pod, Railgun, backdrop, and figure stands. Click here for Toywiz link.

Do you have a favorite? What are you looking forward to? Comment and let everyone know. Thanks for reading!

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