Monday, 18 June 2012

BAToys4BABoys reveals full box art for 97017 Countdown (UNSC Sabre with Gantry)

Thanks to, we finally get to see the final version of the box art for the renamed set "Countdown" which was once called the UNSC Sabre with Gantry. The set includes 6 figures, the UNSC Sabre, and the Gantry Landing Pad all at a price ranged of around $100. The Sabre was the set chosen from the 2011 Halofest for which one set will be released, it was chosen over the Forerunner Structure and the Covenant Spirit Dropship. Enjoy 

Again, the set includes 2 UNSC (Troopers) Marines, a Mark V(b) Spartan, a UNSC Sergeant, a UNSC Technician, and a new coloured UNSC Grenadier Spartan which totals to 6 figures. It also includes the Armory System which means you can convert a figure to another, currently the secondary armor is unknown. My overall view, although I usually go after the largest Covenant Sets for my armies this is actually number 1 on my list, wish me luck and good luck to you if you so choose to one day get it 

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