Sunday, 15 December 2013


Already? Codes? Not possible. Well thanks to some images found on the internet, well on Youtube by BrickReviewer11. (I'm not sure who took the photos, let me know if you find out who) We were able to see some of the codes. If you wish not to view the codes then do not continue to read. However I might have a page coming up with codes for all the waves and to be constantly updated. Codes may be off but they're the best I can see from.

Orange UNSC Hazop Spartan A07103MM
Green UNSC Operator Spartan A08103MM
Blue Forerunner Crawler - A09103MM
Crimson Covenant Storm Elite - A10103MM
Purple UNSC Spartan (Halo 4 Edition) - A16103MM
RARE Blue Forerunner Watcher - A14103MM
RARE Gold UNSC Air-Assault Spartan - A15103MM
ULTRA RARE Covert Ops UNSC Soldier Spartan A11103MM

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