Sunday, 30 August 2015

Halo Bulliton Reveals Upcoming Mega Bloks Halo Sets

The crew behind the YouTube channel, Halo Community's, and its show, Halo Bulliton, decided to take a step into what we all know as Narnia... I'm gussing no one believes me when I said they went to Narnia?.. No? Ok. Anyways, the crew decided to take a tour for a behind the scenes look of just how the company creates the awesome products you enjoy. In doing so, we got a look into prototypes and reveals seen for the first time. (Well, the prototypes at least.) Let's take a look at what we get to check out. Also, I should mention, if you'd like to take a look at the video, click here to check it out.

For the first time, we get to see a giant Banshee in concept color grey in the flesh, and boy does it look epic. Though I'm kind of curious, the last time we got a brick-based vehicle set out of scale for the micro-figures was in 2011 with 96973 Anniversary Edition: UNSC Warthog released for Toys'R'Us. So that begs the question, when (if) this releases, will it be a TRU Exclusive and in scale with the Warthog?

The next reveal is... not really a reveal too much, but it's worth noting. A single figure pack for Spartan Thorne has been revealed showing off it's packaging and details. It seems to include at least one more piece then thought, and comes in a nice package. Note the paint detail on the figure and the weapon, which tampos on a weapon like this hasn't been seen much since the 97207 UNSC Weapons Pack II.

This may not be as interesting to you, but I felt it's worth taking an extra peak. The set in the corner is the new Verses pack, but if you've noticed, this is the first time we've gotten a picture of the set in package. It's a small picture, but it's pretty cool.

So how hyped are you? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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