Sunday, 23 August 2015

Mega Bloks HALO Covenant Watch Tower REVEALED

Wait, did we say Halo? Sorry, but according to the site, it's listed under Call of Duty at this current moment for some reason. Thanks to Toys'R'Us Canada, (and HaloBricks) we got ourselves a new reveal for the Covenant Watch Tower. The set includes 2 figures, a UNSC Soldier Spartan in white/gray, and introducing the Covenant Storm Warrior Elite. We also get a few new weapons including the (possible) Hydra, and new mold for the Fuel Rod Gun, as well as the return of the turret and shield.

This is the first (Second if you include the Micro) Covenant Watch Turret that's not an exclusive to a store. This set runs at $24.99 on the Canadian site and is currently out of stock, that could change at any time so keep an eye out. Just like the NMPD Pelican, this doesn't seem to be on the current sale, so it might not release soon. Some have speculated that this is the first 2016 set we have seen.

While 25 dollars is a little much, I believe you get a lot in the set, so I'll probably get it, especially when I think we need more Covenant bases. What do you think? Will you be buying this? Let us know.

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