Saturday, 26 July 2014

MBH: #97521 Hierarchs Shadow Convoy Now for Pre-Order at Toys'R'Us

For any of those who can't wait for the Covenant Shadow in Mega Bloks form, here's your chance. The Mega Bloks Toys'R'Us exclusive known as the Hierarchs Shadow Convey for the Halo 2  based Anniversary Collection, is now up for Pre-Order at, you guessed it, the Toys'R'Us website.

"In a last-ditch effort to save the universe, two UNSC Marines fight to protect Sgt. Avery Johnson from capture in Mega Bloks Halo Anniversary Collection: Hierarchs Shadow Convoys set. A Covenant Shadow drops off enemy reinforcements, including three Honor Guards and a pair of Jackals. Meanwhile, Thel Vadamee (the Arbiter) struggles with his allegiance to the High Prophet of Truth, whose bidding has become more questionable in the face of new information about the Ark..."

The sets current price is $59.99 online on the Canadian website, includes 10 figures, 3 UNSC figures using the new design, 7 Covenant, and of course the Covenant Shadow. So will you be getting this? Honestly, I don't feel the need to spend that much on it, but I understand the price for this. Click here to Pre-Order from the Canadian site.

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